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Law homework help

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Write a 700+ word Memo on a state level business dispute

Write a memo on a state (not federal) level business dispute. Describe as if you were writing the memo to your supervisor who wants to know how a case like the one you have chosen would be processed throughout the various legal phases in a state court system. Please describe the steps in litigation from initiating the lawsuit through appeal from the trial court decision.

Introduction to Law Enforement

You have been employed as a law enforcement officer for over 5 years after graduating from the American Intercontinental University online campus. You served as a patrolman for the first 3 years, and since you graduated from AIU, the police chief asked you to head up the training department, which includes the police academy and annual training of the police officers.

Business Law Week 4 Assignment BUS311

Multimedia activity: Business Organization

Visit the U.S.

Law and Your Profession: Part II

DUE: 08.28.14(Today) @ 9:00pm


There are various types of contracts that must be in writing to be enforceable. However, the law does create some exceptions. One exception in "partial performance." What is this? When does it apply? Why does it apply?

Business Ethics

This only has to be 250-275 words.


Real, Intellectual, and Personal Property

This only has to be 250-275 words.



List two characteristics each of real, intellectual, and personal property.  Do owners of real, intellectual, and personal property each have the same rights under the law?  List how each type of property is treated under the law. Explain why it is in the best interest of society to treat these types of property the same or differently.

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