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You are a team leader of a three person CSI unit called out to a double axe murder at 11:00 AM on August 4th. You arrive at the house at 92 Second Street in Fall River. The house is a single-family three-story home belonging to the Borden family. Andrew Borden is lying on the couch on the first floor. He has received 11 blows to the head with a sharp heavy object suspected to be a hatchet or small axe.

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HSA 515 Week 5 Discussion- "Professional Legal Issues with Medical and Nursing Professionals

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Much of the work of the criminal justice system will never be seen by the general public. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, and grand juries determine the course of criminal cases well before a case is even committed to a public docket. In your paper, detail the special responsibilities prosecutors have towards initiating a criminal case against a defendant. In other words, how does a prosecutor make the decision to charge someone? In your paper:

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Teenage Rehab facility

You are working in a rehab center for teenagers who tell you that drugs get them through the day because school is boring, their families are dysfunctional, and that they use them because their friends pressure them. Some tell you that their parents, aunts, and uncles gave them their first exposure to marijuana, cocaine, and meth. Others say they just like how some drugs calm them down and others speed them up.

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Graded Project - Business Security Criminal Law

Part 1

Explain the routine activity theory in depth. How does it relate to the crime triangle? Be sure to discuss how it might be applied to the private security industry. What specific steps can security professionals take to lessen the risk facing a private organization? 

Part 2

Design a general security program for an organization that produces data software. Be sure to touch on the following points: ■ Risk assessment

■ Identification of assets and risks to them

■ Type(s) of threat and methods of attack

■ Security policies and controls

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1. (TCO B) DePeters, Co. is sued for sex discrimination on the grounds that too few women are hired because fewer women than men achieve passing scores on a required manual dexterity and physical strength test. DePeters, Co.


Research Process and Terminology Paper

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Respond to each paper with at least 90 words each. You are to respond about the topic of their paper not grammar or etc.

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