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CCJ5702 Week 3 Course Project


For this research paper, you will critically review the study by Bottcher and Ezell (2005) that used a randomized experimental design. 


CCJ5489 Week 3 Individual Work


The primary focus of gay-rights groups is to allow same sex marriages for the intended legal benefits of health insurance, passing of property and many other advantages of the traditional legal marriage contract. However it is the underlying moral and ethical issues that seem to dominate the conversation on this subject. A subject we will explore this week.


CCJ5489 Week 3 Course Project

In addition to the shock of 9/11 to the public conscious was the realization that there were as many persons committed to suicide missions based upon what the terrorist understood as a moral and legal imperative. We shall continue our research about the 9/11 attacks from an ethical perspective with an examination of some of the moral, religious and philosophical rationales used by these terrorists.

For the course project this week:


In an essay of 3–4 pages, discuss at least 3 policies on the left-hand side below, and discuss which of the theories on the right-hand side might have influenced these policies. The policies and theories are not listed in any particular order, and any policy could be related to any of the theories on the list. You may also use other polices not listed, as long as you relate these policies to the ideas found in the Theories column.

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You are the supervisor for the Beatts City Arson Squad. It is 3:00 a.m., and the temperature is below freezing. Your unit is called to a suspicious fire scene. Your team consists of you and 3 others. Upon arrival, you discover that the fire is at the Novandon Discount Department Store. There are 6,000 of these stores in the United States, and they are very successful. This stor

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You are a crime scene investigator on a homicide who finds that you have several types of evidence that must be photographed, logged, and recovered from that scene. More specifically, you find that there is drying blood on the floor that needs to be collected, a handgun and several shell casing near the victim, and what appears as several hairs that are still in the hand of your deceased victim. For this assignment you are to do the following:

Comstat vs Community Policing

Compare and contrast the CompStat and Community Policing models of law enforcement. Describe and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of these approaches. Explain which one (or combination) of these approaches is the best, and why.                  


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Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:


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