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Intestacy Laws. Three and a half years after Lauren and Warren had leukemia. At the time, the couple had no children, and physicians told the Woodwards that the leukemia treatment might leave Warren sterile. The couple arranged for Warren’s sperm to be collected and placed in a sperm bank for later use.

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Information Paper

The Chief of Staff is preparing preliminary studies for the DHS secretary. He has directed you to prepare an information paper that identifies possible mission areas or responsibility overlaps within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) operating agencies and to provide recommendations for possible consolidation. You are required to conduct library research to locate scholarly studies on the topic.


When examining the historical context of treatment in a correctional setting, it must be seen through both domestic and international viewpoints. Under the domestic view, the United States primarily uses a custodial model, which focuses on using incapacitation as the method of retribution and deterrence.

In contrast, the international view, specifically Europe, uses the rehabilitation model. This model focuses on rehabilitating the person to become a productive member of society.

sample equitable servitude

assn 8-sample equitable servitude


landlord disagreement

assn 4-landlord disagreement


dispute of deed

Who has the rights to a land dispute on a deed?

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