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Law homework help

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FOR BONIETA 123 ONLY!! written assignment

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The Bhopal Case: Charan Lal Sahu v. Union of India

case analysis using IRAC method.  Nothing too lengthy, just simple facts and well written analysis with an opinion in the conclusion.

: "Is the Federal Government rescue plan of the US Banks such as the Troubled Asset Relief Program a Nationalization?"

Subject: After researching on the Internet and at the Library, you will write an essay (5 to 7 pages) following APA style about the following subject: "Is the Federal Government rescue plan of the US Banks such as the Troubled Asset Relief Program  a Nationalization?" You can choose to have one opinion (Yes it is a nationalization or No it is not) but you need to analyze both possibilities before providing your own opinion.

Answer the question

Answer the question with half page and 3 sources and I need from the writer to pick the sources from the internet  and send me the links. '' HALF PAGE PLEASE''


St. Paul Guardian Insurance Company v. Neuromed Medical Systems & Support, GmbH

I need a case analysis using IRAC method.  I don't need a lengthy paper just simple and to the point with an opinion in the conclusion. $5-10.  Need asap.

A Japanese firm, Omega Company, manufactures cassette tapes with the trademark TXX.

This is a question out of a text book and I don't need a full paper written.  Just a simple answer to the question.



Case 4-8 Touche Ross & Co. v. Bank intercontinental, Limited

I need an analysis of the case using IRAC.  Very simple and not a huge paper, with an opinion in the conclusion as to how the case was ruled. Will pay 5-10 dollars?


I have a total of 6 cases to do.

See Below-Criminal Justice Administration

Below questions must be at minimum 300 words, following APA format with references cited accordingly, with at least two references used per question. 



1)  Using the internet and the text (Chapter 13) give a narrative overview of the Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment, detailing the findings and analysis of this controversial experiment.



2)  Do you agree with the findings of the experiment and why or why not?



Respond all 3

Attention Zeek the Geek( Need assignment in next 3 hours and 15 mins)



Mst reply to all three with at least 90 words each. When reply do criticize classmates work you are to reply to the topic with details.

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