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Discussion question

1. The greatest challenge to local law enforcement is domestic terrorists because, the terrorist threat from inside the US has not disappeared. While law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as the FBI continue to focus on Al Qaeda as our biggest threat, we are still at risk of attack from within. If domestic terrorism is not recognized and countered by officials, the threat presented by domestic terrorist individuals and groups within the US may grow to unacceptable levels.

####1 Introduction to Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence Analysis

Criminalists are active participants in today’s criminal justice system but this has not always been the case. For this assignment, you will create a timeline identifying various forensic science developments and analyzing how these developments influence today’s criminal justice system. After completing your timeline, you will consider how one case study may have evolved differently had it occurred prior to the many advancements forensics has made over the years.

Case of Arizona et al v. United States 567 U.S. (2012)

Explains the case and then apply the holding (the decision) to law enforcement as a whole and not just to Arizona. Include in your analysis the potential benefits and detriments to police agencies. What are the possible future uses of the decision in the case?

This is what my professor is look for in the assignment:

####1 The Development of Crime Laboratories

The development of crime laboratories in the United States has been characterized by rapid growth, accompanied by a lack of national and regional planning and coordination. Your task is to learn more about what lab services are available to criminal justice professionals in your local area, and be prepared to discuss if they were the result of an organized plan. 300 WORDS

#1 Reflection

After you have completed all of the assignments in this unit 1, write a 100 word reflection on what you have learned. 

##1 Physical Evidence

This week's Seminar focuses on the importance of physical evidence. Be prepared to discuss how evidence is used in trial and how important evidence integrity is to a successful prosecution. You will also discuss the role and responsibilities of the first officer on a crime scene, specifically protecting a scene and gathering information that will be used in the investigation of a crime. 300 WORDS

#1 Introduction of Physical Evidence. "crime"

Please set up a mock crime scene of your choice and mark all of the evidence using some type of marking procedure.

Submit at least four or five photos in a PowerPoint presentation with an explanation of the crime scene. 200-300 WORDS

Forensic scientists in the crime laboratory and crime scene investigators


Forensic scientists in the crime laboratory and crime scene investigators in the field are called upon to provide facts relating to the examination of many different types of physical evidence. The scientific examination of physical evidence involves the examination of properties or characteristics that the evidence possesses.

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