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JCI manufactures batteries.  Lead is a primary ingredient in that manufacturing process.  A pregnant female's exposure to lead involves a serious risk of harm to a fetus that she is carrying.  For this reason, JCI excluded women who are pregnant or who are capable of becoming pregnant from jobs that involves exposure to lead.  Numerous women, including a woman who had chosen to be sterilized to avoid losing her job, filed a lawsuit against JCI for sex discrimination

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Environmental Law


Because you are a well-known environmental lawyer, you are a sought-after speaker on the topic of environmental law. In addition, as part of your law practice, you have made a commitment to do as much volunteer work with the City of Riverside as possible. As part of this volunteer work, you accepted an invitation to speak at the local Chamber of Commerce luncheon on the origins of environmental law.


Final Project

For the purpose of the first part of this Project, you are still the InfoSec Specialist for the Makestuff Company. Consider this project a continuation of the work you performed in Projects 1 and 2.

3 Questions in Individuals, Societies, and Justice #2

1. How do civil law systems of justice differ from common law systems of justice?

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business law 500 words

The Principal’s Liability on the Contract

Crash agrees to have Steve represent him in various transactions as an agent to secure him performance contracts and endorsement deals.

Law HW

Explore the following issues from moral, ethical and legal perspectives.

Part 1:


1)For each of the four variables listed above, identify the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) for each and explain how you reached this conclusion.


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