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Law homework help

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Employment and Labor Law assignment 2

An employee of 1995 Auto Corp. recently filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The charge states that 2 female employees in one of the nonunion satellite offices were subject to repeated and unwelcome sexual advances by their male supervisor who is on a work visa.

unit 3

Now that you have educated the new investigator on the concepts of class and individual characteristics of evidence, it is time to begin collecting the evidence that you had marked during the initial walk-through. In this assignment, you address the actual collection and preservation tasks used during the investigation.

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Law / Crime Questions

DO THESE LAWS HAVE A CONSTITUTIONALITY ISSUE? You are to write something regarding each of these issues. Your answer should include the following:

• You are to list 3 arguments for and against the topic being a law.

• If you were a U.S. legislator, how would you vote for the topic? Remember you must represent people in your jurisdiction

• Are there constitutional issues?

1. Vagrancy

2. Obstructing the sidewalk

3. Loitering

4. Cruising

5. Panhandling

6. Sleeping on the sidewalk

Is Crime Beneficial to Society


Is Crime Beneficial to Society


powepoint help

need help creating a sketch on power point of another program alike. please respond if only available right now

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