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Essay 4

1)      Compare and contrast the limits on judicial action.


Data types are general categories of juvenile justice statistical data. The three primary sources for juvenile justice statistics or data types are official reports, self-report surveys, and victimization surveys. Each source has unique strengths and weaknesses, such as accuracy, breadth of coverage, and types of crime addressed. Here is an example of each data type:


Official Report: The FBI's UCR is a summary of official crime statistics submitted by state and local law enforcement agencies.


Assignments 3,4


Assignment 3: Annotated Bibliography

Due Week 6 and worth 150 points


Assignment 2


Assignment 2: Formal Outline


Due Week 4 and worth 150 points




Topic 1

Look at the legal malpractice case study that has been assigned to your group. Describe the case and discuss the standard of care that the parties will be held to in this case. How will the standards of care and the Nurse Practice Act be applied in a court of law if the case is sued?

Case Study 1: Malpractice Action Brought by Yolanda Pinnelas

People involved in case:

Yolanda Pinnelas — patient

Betty DePalma, RN, MS — nursing supervisor

Criminal Law H.W

Follow the directions provided on the paperwork assignment


Can anyone answer 4 questions?

Each question has to be at least 150 words.

Criminal Justice help

Create a 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speakers notes, that addresses the following topics:





Because I understand that this is new to some of you, I thought you might find this free Khan academy video helpful

After you watch this, explain how this knowledge will help you in projecting crime occurrences as well determining the need for more or less patrols in an area.

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