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juvenile justice & delinquency

 This paper 3-4 pages APA Format like I mention earlier on message board.


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3 assignments (need on March 28, 2015 by 1800 which is 18hours away



1st assignment- midterm (first 2 attachments are for midterm)(must be at least 750)

2nd assignment- written exercise (attachment 3 is for written assignment) (must be at least 1,000)

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Do people who work for government have an individual responsibility when it comes to responding to major incidents?  Can the rules governing their actions ever be so specific as to tell them exactly what to do in all cases?  In other words, is it possible that formal rules and processes on some occasions are counter-productive and that in the context of emergency response would therefore be a moral responsibility of the government agent to break those ru




Now that you are familiar with interview and interrogation techniques, discuss the following:

You are a probation officer who was conducting a home visit for probationer Bobby Jean. You walk up to the door, she answers, and you notice a bag of marijuana sitting on the kitchen table. She promises that it is not hers. You provide her with a urine screen and it is clean.


  • If gangs in fact operate within the walls of prisons, do they pose a threat to public safety?

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Action research has long been the research method used in education and in many organizations for the purpose improving the art of teaching and leading. However, there are those that strongly criticize this research method. Proponents of traditional research methods argue that the data that is collected in action research is not reliable and does not yield valid results in part, because of possible research bias (Mckay & Marshall, 2001).

Locate the legal requirements to obtain admissible statements in these states


Conduct an Internet search by visiting the state websites for Arizona, Illinois, New York, and California. Locate the legal requirements to obtain admissible statements in these states. Include your research findings in the following table.




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