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Several suspect characteristics are significantly related to the prevalence, frequency, and timing of the first new incident of victimization and recidivism. For instance, the odds of new victimization are 30% to 60% less for each additional year of age. Also, according to the official data, suspects with prior arrests for any offense are from 250% to 330% more likely to commit new acts of intimate partner violence.

Broken Window

Crime statistics and victimization surveys measure individual losses, but they do not measure communal losses. Just as physicians now recognize the importance of fostering health rather than simply treating illness, so the police— and the rest of us— recognize the importance of maintaining intact communities without broken windows.

Please write a paper that addresses the following:

Girls Delinquency

Understanding female delinquency may require a different approach than that offered by traditional theories. In this assignment, you will compare how feminist theories can be applied to this topic, and how they may differ from other theories of crime and delinquency.


Review the Website, "Girls' Delinquency."

R Topic

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The justice model is a sentencing approach that uses determinate sentences, or fixed punishment terms; calls for the elimination of parole; and makes treatment voluntary. The justice model views crime reduction and successful incarceration as possible only if all offenders serve the same sentence for the same crime. This model posits that crime will continue or decrease to the extent that all offenders are treated the same.

In this assignment, you will prepare a written critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the justice sentencing model.


In a 3–5 page paper, select and describe one of the theories that you feel best explains why people commit domestic violence. Strongly support the theory with detailed information and at least four examples. Using proper citations in APA style. Discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.


Using the FBI’s general classification system of domestic terrorists (right wing; left wing and single issue; or international), which is most prevalent in the United States and why? Provide examples and include support for your reasoning.



1. Since its creation, the Homeland Security Advisory System has been raised to Orange eight separate times and to Red one time. During these periods of elevated status, there were no attacks. Do you think that the absence of attacks makes citizens ignore future threats? Why or why not?

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