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Do you know anything about White Collar Crime?

Do you know anything about White Collar Crime?


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On page 36 of Planning and Administering Early Childhood Programs (Freeman, Decker, & Decker, 2013), regulations and standards are defined in this way: A regulation is a binding rule that has been created by a governing body outside of the early childhood program. A standard is a statement of expectations for program characteristics and performance. Each state sets regulations as rules, directives, and standards that an early childhood program is required to meet to ensure safety, equal access, and compliance with state laws.

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2. Describe and discuss the various types of computer intrusions.

Examples of computer intrusions:

·      Theft of intellectual property

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write a well developed descriptive essay on one of the following topics:

• Your personal experience of racism

• An event that changed your worldview

• Your first day at primary school/in junior high/on your first job

• Your first rock concert/opera/play

• An interesting person who influenced your worldview

• A visit to a theme park, such as Disneyland

• Your first date

You may use outside sources if you document them using APA format, or you may write this essay based entirely on your knowledge/experience

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Artificial intelligence systems form a broad and diverse set of systems that can replicate human decision making for certain types of well-defined problems. How can expert systems enable a novice to perform at the level of an expert? What are the components of an expert system? Research several companies that use expert systems. How are expert systems used to assist in the decision making process? Be sure to identify your company and do not repeat another classmate’s company.

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Read the following three situations. Describe what you would do in EACH situation. Integrate the elements of reasoning and intellectual standards in your writing to show an understanding of the material behind your personal example.

Your essay should be 500-600 words in length and include language referring to at least two (2) elements of reasoning and two (2) intellectual standards for EACH of the three (3) scenarios.

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1. If arson is suspected, why should firefighters not disarrange the premises by mopping up or overhauling the scene of the fire, especially at the point of origin?

2. What did the "due process revolution" and subsequent Supreme Court decisions change with respect to the police?

3. What are the elements of the crime of burglary?

4. What parallels can be drawn between Allan Pinkerton and J. Edgar Hoover?

5. What is the mechanism of injuries of Shaken Baby Syndrome?

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1. Describe and discuss visible street robberies. Describe and discuss when purse snatching becomes a robbery. Identify one of the Saint Leo Core values and apply it to the discussion. (250 words)

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1. Discuss in detail the exceptions to the hearsay rule of confessions, admissions, spontaneous and excited utterance, dying declaration and former testimony. Identify one of the Saint Leo Core values and apply it to the discussion. (250 words).

2. Please provide us with an overview of: 

1.  NIMS and its application today and well into the future...

2.  Costs and how we can afford to pay for NIMS...and other enforcement programs...

Assignment 1: The Exclusionary Rule

In 1961, the US Supreme Court rendered its decision in Mapp v. Ohio. The case involved an unlawful, warrantless search of Dollree Mapp's apartment by the police looking for a fugitive. During the search, the police came across illegal pornography and charged Mapp with the possession of obscene materials. The US Supreme Court reversed Mapp's conviction.

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