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Will Manuel Perez prevail in invalidating the arbitration clause? Why or why not? Discuss the legal considerations the court will entertain in reaching its decision. Identify the ethical concerns regarding Walexron’s approach to the arbitration process an

Walexron is a publicly traded, US multinational corporation headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, operating in all 50 states, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. In 2009, Walexron was created by the consolidation of a large discount retailer, express carrier, and energy company with the intent to become one of the most powerful and efficient companies in the world.

International Legal and ethical issues in Business

In 1999, a Seattle man took a popular soft-drink company seriously when one of its commercials made an offer of a Harrier jet, the famous high-tech jump jet used

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Here are the assignments:


Annotated Bibliography Instructions


Critical Analysis of the Criminal Justice System

Research Paper on Best Practices for Specialty Courts 

Tote Black

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Project: Bombing Investigations

Please note that this unit contains multiple assignments. Be sure to scroll through the entire section below to meet both requirements for this Unit.


Fire Scenes & Taggant Program

Topic #1 

Why must a search of a fire scene focus on finding the fire's origin? 100 word


Topic #2 

Motor Vehicle Investigation and Homicide Investigation

In 3 pages, including title page and reference page, respond to the following questions:

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