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Information Systems homework help

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MIS 204 - Hands On Activity WK 8

Please view the attached assignment documents!


Please take your time and follow the instructions step-by-step because I need a solid A on this assignment.

MIS 204 - Discussion Question_WK 8

For this exercise, list three entities (you cannot use the ones from the lesson) and five properties for each entity.  State which property you think would serve well as a unique identifier, or if you would need to create an artificial property for that purpose.


health science .health informatics discussion

Health informatiscs and changes in society and practice 300 to 500words not including references.

To prepare for this Discussion,review the assigned readings.Then consider the changes that have occurred in one of the following areas and how this realates to health informatics.  websites ;Health IT

http:// www.govhealth.com/

Agency for healthcare Research and Quality

http:// www.ahrg.gov.

optional resources reading.Berry,.K (2008,february).A RX to improve medication safety.Behavioral Health 28 (2)36-8

an excel project

see the attachment file for the directions. we will need to do it on excel file. thank you.

Both assignments for $30

There are 2 assignments, I'm paying $30,00 for both...

Assignment 5

Assignment 1: LASA – Final Project Report

Prepare an 8-10–page report in Word. This report should include a project history of your recent Trillo Apparel Company District 4 Production Warehouse Move experience over the last five weeks.

Your final report should include the following sections:

Assignment 4

Assignment 2: Project Schedule Changes

You have kicked off the District 4 Production Warehouse Move project, your contractors are in place and working on receiving the proper building permits.

You originally were told the permits would only take 2 weeks to obtain but the contractors are telling you it will now take 3 weeks. You need to build the additional week into your schedule for each permit that will be obtained.

IT Homework

Information Technology Homework. Must have knowledge of computer hardware, etc.  Attached file has the work required. Due Saturday, March 21,2015 before 10pm EST. 

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