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Information Systems homework help

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question 1: Which is more important...for Business Managers to understand IT or for IT Managers to understand the business?

COM 590 MC For Prominent_Teacher



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Case Study 3 Video Case Mashup-Driven Dashboards and Reporting

1. InetSoft offers self-service mashups and mashup driven dashboards and reporting.


a. Visit the InetSoft web site at http://www.inetsoft.com/, and click the View Demo button. The direct link to the demo is http://www.inetsoft.com/evaluate/demo/flashdemo.jsp.


b. View the flash demonstration (6 minutes 25 seconds) of mashup driven dashboards and reporting.



Week 1 CheckPoint - LAN Operating Systems Scenarios

If you can perform this task AND PERFORM IT CORRECTLY, let me know ASAP.  You MUST FOLLOW the directions stated to complete this correctly.


Read the three scenarios in Appendix B.



Your program design should contain the following:

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