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You work for a small community hospital that has recently updated its health record system to a modern electronic health record (EHR) system. As a health care manager, you have been asked to meet with the health information manager (HIM) and analyze the efficiency, security, and privacy of your current health records system. Your organization has very high standards and a culture of keeping up with current trends. After your analysis, you have been asked to provide a detailed report to the hospital's chief operating officer (COO) detailing the following:

Dissertation Proposal

 Please view attachment below and topic proposal




1.Statement of the Project: Write a clear statement of the project and the basis for it being addressed.

2.Contribution to Society: Describe how your project will contribute to society.


information assurance plan

Write a assignment related to information assurance plan about a university.



3 page paper


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Unit 4 Assignment: Stakeholders, Metrics, and Quick Wins

( In this Assignment, you are going to evaluate a specific business process based on criteria detailed below. If you already have selected a business process, continue using that and skip to the next paragraph. If you have not yet selected the business process you will use for these Assignments, then begin by selecting one. Email your instructor and clearly describe the objective of this process, the participants, and the strategic significance for the company. The business process you select must have a clear beginning and an end, with identifiable, specific steps.

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