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Information Systems homework help

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Administrative functionality for the web site

In this stage of the project, you will add some administrative functionality to the Web site. You may select a single administrative task to implement in the e-Commerce Web site from the previous project. You will document the work you do for this phase of the project, and you will also further refine the plan to produce your final plan document for the project.

Build a deployment package for an ASP.NET web site

In this project, you will build a deployment package for an ASP.NET Web site. You can use one of your already developed ASP.NET Web sites, or create a new site for this project.

One you create the packages in your Web site, your Visual Studio Solution Explorer should look like this:


In this course, the SLP assignments for each Module will involve a couple of approaches. Some will entail description and assessment of your own experiences with different kinds of software. We'll begin this module with a fairly simple exercise to get you familiar with the idea of assessing and learning about software.


One of the most basic aims of human computer interaction has been speech-recognition. The ability to talk to machines in common language, rather than through mechanical devices or artificial languages, has been a major desirable in business, education, government, and about every other field of endeavor.


Mod 1 SLP

In SLP 1, a timeline of information systems is reviewed to see the evolution of business applications and how information systems have expanded through the years.

System Integration for Treavion

Must built upon already started assignment.

Part 1

For this week’s assignment, you will be developing the requirements specification for this integration. You should use all of the tools available to you to elicit requirements (such as one-on-one interviews with all major stakeholders, surveys, artifact reviews, joint requirement specification meetings, and so forth).



NETW 320 homework help

More and more traffic is being moved to wireless networks of various types. Write a 500-word paper that discusses the issues that occur when voice traffic is sent over a typical wireless local area network, such as what the advantages are, the problems often encountered, and how these problems can best be overcome.

Be certain you provide proper references for all sources used using the APA format. Use a 12-point font with one-inch margins.

develop a Web form that displays all of the orders for a given customer ID from the Northwind database

In this project, you will use the ASP.NET GridView data control and the SqlDataSource control to develop a Web form that displays all of the orders for a given customer ID from the Northwind database.

Download the Northwind database from this URL:


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