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This week you are asked to prepare the organization chart for the clinic scenario that was presented in the Course Project Introduction in Week 02.


minority assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an experience where you are in the minority, preferably going further where you are the only one of your "kind" in a given situation. First your task is to go to a place you are not familiar with and engage with those you do not know well. Select an environment where you will be different in some clear way. You may go with someone you know if needed, but remember that your goal is to experience it alone.

Week 9 discussion

  • Examine three (3) factors that HR managers would need to consider when teaching employees about the culture in the researched country. Recommend two (2) actions that HR managers can take in order to prepare their employees for work in a foreign country.

Three I consider are: Cross culture skills, global leadership and international expereince



Professor 2013, are you going to write Assignment 1: Network Consultation for DesignIT?



Hello Proffessor 2013, I am taking CIS 175 – Introduction to Networking


My Assignment 1: is Network Consultation for DesignIT


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