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Human Resource Management homework help

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Research Paper Outline


Title: Eysenck's Personality Theory


External Recruiting within the Modern Workplace

For this assignment, write an analysis of the most important factors regarding external recruiting within the modern workplace. Evaluate at least five external methods for attracting external candidates available to an organization. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the five external methods that you selected. Analyze the future challenges of the five that you selected including the implications for HRM and the organization. Support your response with current research and specific examples where appropriate.

Assess Internal Equity Issues

For this written assignment, analyze the factors that constitute a job analysis and a job evaluation process and determine how the final outcomes of both of these HRM functions ensure the goals of fair and consistent pay throughout an organization. The paper needs to examine the important steps in completing both, a job analysis and job evaluation. Then, evaluate the significance of the outcomes of these compensation systems in building an effective pay program.

PM homework

Performance Managment Assignment


Please complete this section from the doc Suggestion for Future State :

(In this section, address each of the issues mentioned from the current state section and the findings section and offer solutions to each.)


PS: My friend works in this company so she wrote all of this.



Due 6pm friday (Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00))

Mini Case

As risk manager of ABC Hospital, you are tasked with creating best practices for patient safety, "making this hospital the safest in the world," as per the hospital's mission statement. One of the patient safety practices that needs review is hand washing. You know that poor hygiene among hospital staff can cause unease and infection among patients and can affect the hospital's bottom line. You must answer the following questions:


The Individual Project (IP) is an essential part of the course. IPs give each student the opportunity to reflect on the assigned topic and apply critical thinking skills to a written assignment. Every student is expected to create an original composition to the open-ended IP questions noted below.

Assignment Details

Based on your reading about language and forms of cultural organization, please write a brief essay of 4 pages (not including the cover page and reference page) that answers the following questions:

Human Resource GP4

Read Case 6, "The Health Care Industry" (pages 222–223 in the Greer text), and then answer questions 1–4 on pages 223–224 As a group, develop an action plan for a Hospital Administrator who deals with the upcoming trends in the healthcare industry.

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