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Human Resource Management homework help

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Need Help with Strategic audit

I need help with section III only, starting with competive forces section B and going all the through section G. That will equal to six slides all together. The only problem I will need it in wo hours, which in my time that will be 2 pm. Please if you can,t adhere to that time please do not respond to me. I have included what I have cmpleted on the strategic audit hich includes all of section 1 and 2 and on section 3, i have completed part A only.

Healthcare Administrator Job Description

Job Description Paper

The primary function of the job description paper is to increase students understanding of their current or prospective job position. The following areas of the job description should be considered:

Project paper - huamn II

· What is the work of art’s historical and cultural context?


#3 Program Capstone

Individual Project 500-750 words


You are the newly appointed department manager. Your department has not been performing well, and you have been investigating why. You soon realize that the firm has had no formal performance appraisal system. Supervisors that need to do a better job have not been receiving any kind of formal feedback.

I need help answering these questions in Health Care Management

I only need answers for the questions and I need a references or a website address, so I can do my citations. I need at least 5 bullets per question no more than 6, brief answers so I can  do a power point. I need this today by 9pm eastern time or earlier. All of this information is pertaining to Health Care Management course. 

1.) The effects of organizational structure on communication.

2.) What internal relationships must be considered within an organization?

3.) What external relationships must be considered within an organization?

#3 Strategic Management and Human Assets

Group Project 2-3 pages


This is a group project. As a team, select a public traded company (it can be one of the companies a team member used for the unit 1 assignment or a team member’s current or former employer, as long adequate information can be obtained about the company and their industry).Using the course material, the AIU Library, and the Internet, complete the following:

Identify key stakeholders and their roles needed to achieve organizational goals (Kudler Fine Foods)

Identify key stakeholders and their roles needed to achieve organizational goals (Kudler Fine Foods)

assignment 2

Identify and explain three techniques a supervisor could utilize to help new employees feel welcomed, valued, and a part of the organizational team. 

assignment 1

ead the article, "Time to scrap performance appraisals?” Based on the information presented in the article, discuss the following:

case study

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