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History homework help

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Unit 5 Discussion Humanities

Study the image of Michelangelo’s fresco paintings in the Sistine Chapel (Vatican City, Italy). To get a closer look of the chapel’s frescos, check out the architectural panorama of the Sistine Chapel, which is accessible via MyArtsLab.

Fall of the Wall

Berlin Wall After watching the news clips of the fall of the Berlin Wall, what are your thoughts? How do you think it changed society? Hundreds of people attempted to scale the Wall and escape; many died trying. What events led up to the fall? How do you think the world viewed it? Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbachov, tear down that wall!" It was a defining moment in history. Do you feel that this is an example of people cohesively creating change? Why or why not? Any of your thoughts may be included.

3 questions

What strategy did the NAACP use to win Brown?


How did this case impact future cases involving education?


Why was this case such a strong case?


Pretend you are a member of Congress, representing the Dallas area in 1918, planning to run for re-election in November 1918. Write a letter to the editor of The Dallas Morning News explaining why Dallas-area voters should vote for you.


Write a 650-word paper in which you define the humanities. Address the following in your paper:

Journal entry


Identify a piece of art, music, architecture, philosophy, or literature that interests you and explore this example in depth.

Write a 350-word  essay  about this example and describe why this area piques your interest.

Include an image and link to the humanities piece to support your journal entry

Assignment must be in APA format

History Short Writing Assignment (2)


Both are 1~2 pages long.


Unit 4 - Muhammad, the "Rightly-Guided" Caliphs, and the First Islamic "state"


2 History Short Writing Assignment

Both are 1~2 pages long.

Unit 1 Writing Assignment (WA)1

2 History Short Writing Assignment, new

Both are 1~2 pages long.

Unit 6 - Expansion Across Egypt and North Africa, to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

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