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Please submit your research essay draft (***The more text you provide us, the better suggestions we can give you for the final version).  These should include the following items:


History Essay III

In a 500-word essay, choose one of the following ratification documents, and provide a brief overview of the paper’s message and the author’s intent in writing it. If you were living during this time, what would your response be to the paper’s message? What is the correlation between the paper’s message and current events?

History PPT

I will upload my history project draft to you, and please make the powerpoint based on my reserch project paper. There is no exactly how many slides need to work, just make sure conclude enough information.



Discussion Question


"The 80s and Deregulation"


Please respond to the following: at least 150 words


Discuss at least two (2) areas in which these deregulation policies impacted the U.S. economy overall and may have had roles in laying the foundation for the Great Recession of 2008. Provide a rationale for your response.

nursing discussion board question

There are two components to this topic. Please address each component in your response.

  1. Collaboration is a term that has been used throughout the lesson. Cite an example from your practice experiences or your prelicensure clinical experiences of how teamwork could have been improved with collaboration.
  2. Should the registered nurse be the leader in coordinating a patient’s plan of care? What are the advantages to such a model?

second question: make sure you watch video


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