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History homework help

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Write an extended response of between 550-650 words in answer to the question below:


desccustion assignment

The Discussion Assignment will concentrate on the Industrial Revolution in the United States, specifically the late U.S. Industrial Revolution and the invention of the airplane.  All Daytonians (and those who are studying at an institute of higher learning named after the Wright brothers!) should know the Wright brothers' story.  A fascinating part of that story is the Wright brothers' feud with the Smithsonian Institute.

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300-500 words apa format 3 references required


How does lobbying work in government?  Please use examples.

Two Parts

Part 1 500 plus words apa format 3 sources cited


Follow up

Part 1

Having examined the Era of Reconstruction, would you label it a complete failure or were there any successes? In what ways was Reconstruction a failure? What, if any, aspects were successful? Explain.


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