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American History

Write two obituaries (minimum 250 words each) in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln. To complete this assignment, you are going to assume the role of an editor for a fictional newspaper on two distinctly different dates.


AR 1010, Art Appreciation - Research Paper

Research Paper


Compare and contrast French Gothic cathedrals and English Gothic cathedrals. What are the main architectural differences between the two regions? Include specific examples of each type.


Your paper must be include a discussion of the art periods covered in this course. Your paper should be four to six pages in length and should cite two to three peer-reviewed sources, including your textbook.


The paper must be submitted in APA format.


Intro to Ethics

Short Answer Questions - prepare one paragraph rely to each part/topic (worth - 10 points each)


A.       What is Aquinas' scholasticism and then discuss the idea of natural law and compare it to human and eternal law.



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