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Directions: Choose one topic below. 1. Outline the development of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity from the New Testament Church to the Nicene Creed.


2. Explain the role of reason within theology as it seeks to deepen its understanding of the mysteries of faith.


This paper requires MLA formatting that includes: 

a. 12-point font 

b. double-spaced sentences  

c. title and personal identification

d. a separate works cited page properly formatted

History Exam

Read the informations first, then follow all the guidelines and answer all the questions.




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Based on what you’ve read so far in the attachment below, and specifically what you’ve read about the ancient Romans, explain why cultures tell stories about their origins. Compare and contrast the “origin stories” of Rome with the “origin stories” of America. How are they similar? Different? APA format


Reading analysis

Check the instrucctions


Getting to Know Your Congressional Representative and District

Getting to Know Your Congressional Representative and District

History Work (3 Essay)

Identify the innovator from 1815-1860 you feel had the most significant impact on American culture and expansion, including which innovation(s) and why.

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