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History homework help

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HIST 1200 West & World since 1500 ((The French Revolution))

Most scholars agree that certain forces in the centuries, decades, and months prior to the French Revolution (economic, social, political) made the Revolution inevitable.  However, other specific events, personal decisions, and/or chance happenings also contributed.  Consider TWO of these things: events/decisions that, if they happened differently, could have prevented, delayed, or changed the course of the Revolu

Critical analysis Essay worlds histrory

The Essay will be based on the correctness and logic, suffciant info., topic, analysis, opinion, and conclusion.


the essay is about the seven building blocks which lead the culture to be civilized. (in 3 pages)


step 1:Identify with some examples each of the even buildin blocks of both the Chines civlization (1000 B.C - 100 B.c) and the Egyption ciilization (3100 B.C - 1) 


HIS204 wk4 DQ2

Cold War

Background: After the Second World War, the US embarked on what came to be known as the Cold War against the Soviet Union. Although the two sides never fought against each other directly, the Cold War nonetheless erupted into violence at times in places like Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan. As the US grew more activist and interventionist in its foreign policy, the domestic government also grew in power and in its role in the people’s lives.

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