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History homework help

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In this Assignment, we will examine the myth of “Allegory of the Cave” from Plato’s Republic and apply it to your own lives. In order to complete this Assignment, you will first need to read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” (consult the Reading page in the unit). Utilize the Unit 2 Assignment template in Doc Sharing to complete the assignment.

American Military History

3 questions


What problems did black soldiers in World War I experience? How were these problems dealt with, and what were the effects?

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


Evaluate the American military effort during World War I. In your essay, be sure to include both land and sea operations, logistics, leadership, strategy, and success of the mission.

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.



KOLL- FOR i have not heard from you but i am hoping i will soon before i have to submit these assignments tomorrow. As i stated in the earlier email with the essay, I need to get 100s on these last assignments in order to get an A in the class and that is what i really really need. The last DB- in which she took off 10 points for being only half a page when i said a full page- PLEASE WITH THIS LAST ONE- ITS THE EASIEST- PLEASE FULFULL ALL REQUIREMENTS INCLUDING THE 2 RESPONSES IN THIS. I WILL PROVIDE ALL HERE. PLEASE MAIL ME ONCE YOU READ BOTH ASSIGNMENTS AND I WILL PUT DOWNPAYMNETS DOWN.


UNITED STATES HISTORY SINCE 1865 - (5 easy questions) 1. How and why did the Cold War begin so quickly after WWII? 2. Why did the Korean War begin and who ultimately won? 3. Why was there a suburban explosion in the 1950s? What helped fuel it and why? 4. What was the Fair Deal? Did it work or not? Explain. 5. Who was Emmett Till, how did he die, and what were the results?

American History.

American History after 1865: 1.) Describe Americas incredible industrialization and urbanization from 1865 to 1940. What were the key elements of this change and what were the costs of such rapid industrialization (i.e. environmental and human costs and the Great Depression)? How did activists and politicians respond to these changes (in the Progressive Era and the New Deal)?


UNITED STATES HISTORY SINCE 1865 1. What caused race riots during WWI? What were they like and how might they have been avoided? 2. What was the Spanish Influenza and how did it affect the nation as it fought WWI abroad? 3. Did Americans embrace "normalcy" in the 1920s or not? Explain. 4. What was US foreign policy in the 1920s? Was it effective? Explain. 5. What was the 18th amendment and why was it adopted? 6.

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