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History homework help

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1.      How did the advent of home video technologies change the American film industry?  In what ways did the studios—who in 1976 regarded home video as a competitor—exploit these technologies to their advantage?


1.      Trace the development of the early documentary film career of Jean Rouch.  What were his objectives as an ethnographic filmmaker during the 1950s?  What formal techniques did he use to express these objectives?


a paper about (Maison Carree building .


I need a research  6 pages about  Maison Carree building 


and i have upoaded some research that i have done 


in what ways were the teaching of islam similar to christiananity? how were they different?

in what ways were the teaching of islam similar to christiananity? how were they different?

at least 200 words apa format.

compare and contrast the eastern and western halvesof the roman

compare and contrast the eastern and western halves of the Roman Empire and examine the developement of the unique Byzantine culture. Discuss this in terms of social, political and economic structures.


at least 200 words excluding refernces apa format please no plagerism

what roles

1. what roles does archeolgy play in revealing history? discuss two examples of archeological discoveries or ideas. what do these findings communicate about the cultures discussed?


2.who were the major philosophers of the hellenistic period? how did the hellenistic philosphers differ from the philosphers of classical greece?


3.how did romes contact with the hellenistic world affect roman civilization in the second and third centuries b.c.e.? provide specific examples of art, architecture, literature, religion, and philosophy.


discuss the development

discuss the development of political and social structures that produced a strong sense of community and culture unity among greeks during the archaic age.

at least 200 words references and cited no plagerism

what is the west?

what is the west? discusses the evolving ideas af western civilization and the questions one should ask when studying it. reflect on these ideas and how one should analyze the materials of the course.

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