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American women history

Seminar Option 2 250 words
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Television radically

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one page history assignment

History Essay

You will choose one to write an essay, in a minimum of 2 pages, in which you will take a first-person perspective of the situation, describe the debate in your own words, and provide a justified and academically defended argument for one side or the other. The essay will need to reflect your understanding of the time to avoid being anachronistic, and your argument must relate to one of the viable outcomes from that time.

 As a multi-generational American citizen, in the wake of Pearl Harbor, do you support the internment of your Japanese neighbors?

3 pages essay in american studies subject

write 3 pages essay based on a worksheet that i did before, in american studies class, the subject and every thing i want to talk about is on the worksheet, and i'll attach the prompt also.

Hobbes and Machiavelli

RESPOND to each post150 words EACH


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