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Art bo 2

:  Formal Description of Art 1 -- Write a brief formal description of a work of art. – 4 points

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Hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me with my art Formal Analysis paper? if so, i will send you the project to work on...

American History 7

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the immediate cause of World War I. But the events that led to the Great War go further back into the nineteenth century. As with the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, nationalism, imperialism, and militarism all played a part.

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Describe a routine assessment using the nursing process for a client you have recently cared for. Use initials only, with no other identifiers. Include the sections below. Remember to include all concepts of patient safety, standard precautions, and professional standards.

  • Introduction
  • General appearance
  • Measurement (vital signs, pulses, etc.)
  • Respiratory system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Abdomen
  • Genitourinary
  • Skin
  • Activity



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You likely noticed that during the three hundred years covered in this week’s study that religious art remained quite important just as it had been in earlier “art ages.” There were monumental changes, however, in the way the religious subjects were depicted.


By Saturday, February 14, 2015, respond to the assigned discussion questions and submit your responses to the appropriate Discussion Area. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible.

Question 1:

essay for history

please see the attachment to know what you do



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