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Political Systems

Political Systems, Structures, and Functions

FOR CHRISBEJAMIN ONLY: Employment Law Questions



Hope all is well.  Can you please complete questions send via message?  Word count should be no less than 125 words each to include in-text citatiions and references from reputable sources such as US Department of Labor and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The questions are due April 16, 2015, no later than 6:00 p.m. MST.




In assigned CLCs, each member should choose a culture to research and inform the group members of their choice. Each individual will research information about that culture, including social perspectives that affect local and global issues.

Discuss in 750-1,000-words how you would build global awareness and understanding and integrate diverse social and cultural perspectives to create novel approaches to solving problems.

Use the GCU Library and/or academic websites to research a minimum of four articles/books about the culture.

history journal article review

im in need of 5 page journal article review with a biology and citations with footnotes. the subject is on "city patronesess in the roman empire. must be in secondary source. is due by 11am pacific standard time.

due in 15hrs

Bios of 20 Important Women

Students will be required to complete bios of 20 important women contributing to American society to the Civil War.   The bios should be no more than 8 sentences for each woman.  You must include some of the following information about the topic:

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