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History homework help

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History assignment.

This is a multiple choice assignment, not a paper but hard. So I need a professional History tutor to read something and get the correct answer.

Please HIGH LIGHT the answer by the document! Thank you!


PPT of Louisiana

5- 10 slids of Powerpoint to introduce Louisiana's history, funny facts. Make short and interesting.

Art Reflection - to : Prof. Goodluck

Art Reflection is required for the photo attached in the word docuemnt.

Requirements are also in the attached document. 400 to 450 words.


Tutor Faith No others hand shake please.

It is a group presentation project of Introduction of Louisiana State.

4 page paper

No plagiarism at all  4 page  4 cite books prefer list 2 or 3  and Bibliography Chicago style its for history class the things you will be talk its needs to be relate history from 18th centuries to 19th centuries plus future designs.. I want to get A for this paper 

questions in description box

 a. Why do terrorists seek to provoke their adversaries into overreacting, especially when such adversaries are often vastly more powerful than themselves?  Discuss the logic of this objective from the perspective of violent extremists.

Can someone help me with my history homework?


I have a writing assignment about Indian Removal Act, there is an article that has to be read and answered questions regarding ' Andrew Jackson's speech to Congress on Indian Removal'. (the article is 1 and half pages long)

The essay needs to be 3 pages. Thank you.


In this assignment you are going to become photojournalists. Go into your community with a camera and gather evidence to create a PowerPoint presentation of progress (or lack of progress, if you wish) made toward the achievement of civil rights of these and other groups in society. Think about changes in peoples’ rights, including women, the elderly, the disabled, and ethnic and racial minorities. Look at businesses, place names, neighborhoods, public facilities, parks, monuments and other aspects of the built environment.

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