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History homework help

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Cultural Conflict

select a current or historical conflict (see the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tzJntkipac for a list of wars in the 20th century) and analyze why the conflict occurred or is occurring.

One page paper on Domestic Violence

1. Why is domestic violence evil?

2. What ethincal theories can you use to speak against domestic violence?

3. What are the different forms of domestic violence?

APA format

One page


It is due at 10/16/2014 at 9 am eastern time

i got an essay about kind of anthropology which is due on tomorrow

you have to read 2 articles what i posted below and answer the questions by using citation from articles.

these questions are also posted (essay 2 topic) below. and you have to follow the guidelines about citation that i posted.

due is until oct 16th 10am, tomorrow. I need a 5 pages of essay 1.5 spacing, 10 point, times new roman. thx

need help with paper

During the Reagan / Bush years there were many changes in America. Pick two from the list and discuss how America would be different if these events or people had not occurred or existed, or had events happened differently.


read instructions


Hist Assess VI


Question 12


What was the ideal female image projected by mass media in the 1950s? Was this ideal also the reality? Why, or why not?


Hist DQ VI

During the 1950s, what social problems were blamed on or associated with Rock ‘n Roll? Has this really changed? In 1986, Ozzy Osborne faced a lawsuit because of a connection between his lyrics and a teen’s suicide. Should artists be held responsible for actions taken by their fans or other audience members in reaction to their art? Why, or why not?

Answer question twice. 200 word min each question.APA.

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