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HIS204 WK 2 DQ 2

America's Age of Imperialism

HIS204 wk2 DQ 1

The Progressive Movement

Background: The Progressive Movement was a complicated, and sometimes contradictory, phenomenon that sometimes pushed for the expansion of popular democracy while at other times, or even simultaneously, advocated that the functions of government be placed in the hands of experts. The movement addressed some of the worst domestic problems of its time, but its mainstream largely ignored widespread and worsening racial injustices. 

Greek Myth

MLA FORMAT- 4 PAGES 1000 WORDS CLEAR THESIS, INTRODUCTION, BODY PARAGRAPHS, AND CONCLUSION. The theme of father-son relationships in greek myth is an important and perennial one. Are there comon causes/ reasons that motivate conflict between father and son in these myths? What role does conceptions of power play in motivating such conflict? Next, assess and analyze the role of mother-figures in such conflicts between father and son. Then, turn your attention to answering what is the Freudian Oedipus Complex? Does the Oedipus complex generally fit the details of the individual myths?

Explain some of the reasons behind Russia's population decline.

•Explain some of the reasons behind Russia's population decline. What is "human capital" and what is its significance in terms of population decline?

•Explain what the fertility rate measures and the concept of replacement level fertility.

Relocation Program and American Indian activism

Use what you know about the Relocation Program and American Indian activism to answer the following questions:

(1) What was the Relocation Program?

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