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History homework help

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Alexander Hamilton

Secretary of State Alexander Hamilton initiated the economic base of the United States to be credit worthy rather than debt free.  Was this beneficial or detrimental for the country at this time?  In your conclusion, relate your answer to the deluge of credit card offers university students receive, stating whether beneficial or detrimental, and why.  Be sure to use historical facts to support

American History Paper 2

I would like option 3 done from the "finalexamquestions" document


Textbook used: "Give me liberty" Fourth edition, volume 2. By Eric Foner 


The 1920s sears catalog is attached (there are a few of them) along with the letters from citizens to President Roosevelt


This is the link to the 1960 presidential transcript:



"Best years of our lives" is a movie from 1946

American History Paper

5 page autobiographical essay that places their own lives within the framework of United States history. Each student must identify three historical events, places, people, or objects which have significantly shaped their lives.

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