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Darwinism and American

Write a 500-750-word essay that discusses the role of Darwinism in America. Include in your essay an explanation of how Darwinism was used to classify some people as inferior and justify actions against them; how Social Darwinism and Eugenics shaped the immigrant experience in America; and why Fundamentalist Christians opposed Darwinism.

Use a minimum of three of the sources provided to support your assignment and be sure to cite the sources.

Migrant History in the U.S

In an essay of a minimum of 500 words, take a first-person perspective of the bulleted descriptions below. Develop an argument in your own words, and justify academically the side of the argument you choose.

The Gilded Age

Identify the one event introduced in this post-Civil War era that you feel best represents Twain’s imagery of the “Gilded Age.” Explain your reasoning for this selection.

Monroe Doctrine

Was the U.S. in the right to enforce the Monroe Doctrine with regard to other nations in the Western Hemisphere?


Given the circumstances surrounding the beginnings and prosecution of the First World War, do you believe U.S. entry into the war was inevitable?

Roe v. Wade

Describe the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade; then defend or criticize it.


  What was the Solidarity movement?

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