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History homework help

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Take 2: Explain why the Gestalt works, or why it doesn't work in ANTONIO CANOVA, Pauline Borghese as Venus, 1808.

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Was the Magna Carta a revolutionary document?

Citing specific evidence from the Magna Carta, was the Magna Carta a revolutionary document?


in a short paper (one-page maximum) identify some of the key points of chivalry and explain when and how chivalry emerged in Western Europe.  Remember to cite sources.


In his work, Jared Diamond draws very careful links between cultural development and big geographical factors (specifically the key geographical differences between the Americas and Eurasia).  Identify 4 places in the material of the past 3 weeks, excluding material from the Americas, where von Sivers and/or McGuire build precise arguments about development and civilizations out of geographical considerations.


We have been grappling with things related to the Roman Empire ever since the 3rd week of our course.  Drawing from  Chinese and Indian and American (Maya or Inca or Aztec) materials, write an essay in which you identify 4 precise and important ways in which these civilizations reveal behaviors and developments parallel to, but different from, what we see in Rome AND where the differences teach us about the uniqueness of these other histories.


In discussing Islamic religious beliefs, scholars frequently speak of the power of Islam “to unify.” Looking at the early history of Islam and at its later manifestations in the worlds of the Mongol Khanates, write an essay in which you define at least 4 different ways in which Muhammad as a prophet and Islam as a faith were able to work as a unifying force.  Compare at least 3 of your 4 points about Islam to what you have learned about one of the other 2 “Abrahamic” faiths (Christianit

Discussion Question 1: Do you think that America’s fear of a Communist takeover during the 1960s was valid?

Exploring the 1960s (Answered DQ 1 and DQ 2 + References)


Discussion Question 1: Do you think that America’s fear of a Communist takeover during the 1960s was valid? 


Discussion Question 2:  In the 1960s change was occurring around the globe. Choose any two countries other than the United States and do research to find out what kinds of change were taking place there. 


World Civilization (History)

Choose one of the regions covered in the last 3 lectures of the course (Mediaeval Europe, Byzantium, Mongol/Turkic Eurasian Silk Road) and write an essay on changing political systems.  Identify 4 ways in which the populations in these areas would have been most affected by the changes in regimes.  How would they have been affected in each case?    Identify two social or geographical or economic areas where the change would have been felt the least.

humanity 100% A +++++++

According to John Grisham, how should movies be defined in lawsuits?

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