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History homework help

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writing report



History, Location, special features.


WWI related question. 2-3 page essay.

In the years following WWI, 1918 in particular, the world underwent a significant transformation. Various factors strained democratic ideals to the point of breaking in many places. Even the US faced serious political problems. How did economics contribute to the political problems of this period? Where did the nations turn to for solutions? Be sure to compare and contrast the regimes of Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, and to provide an evaluation of the US during this critical time.

an essay about Islamic Art

 5 pages include pictures.


Those are the resources I want you to use 



History homework

i have a history homework .. all question need to be answered as paragraphs.

see the attachment.


The history of reconstruction

Background: Many Americans like to imagine the history of their nation as one of continual progress.

History Homework

Contrast and comparison Athenian democracy and Roman Republic. Must include 2 to 3 references, 350 words. 

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