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History homework help

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Need help with World Religion Homework

I am doing a group project and I need help writing my part which is part 3. The thesis is Reading through the Exodus experience demonstrates how it has served as a historical,social and sprittual metaphor for Judaism throughout these last thousands of years; it also is often paralleled with the views about salvation and sanctification for Christians as well as differs from the views of Islam.

4-5 Page paper

Spartacus is one of the more compelling narratives in the recurring discussion comparative slavery. it captures many of the themes which Orlando Patterson raises in his Slavery and Social Death, the course's textbook. In four to five (4-5) page, typed, double spaced essay, discuss how Spartacus is a lens into those themes. One theme is how slaves were recruited and treated in the Roman Republic. Another theme is violence- individual and collective, institutioonal and civil.

How did the Industrial Revolution lead to urbanization?

2 pages, double-spaced, 500-800 words.


2-3 cited references. MLA format.

was the cold war a clash of ideologies or a clash of super powers 2000 words half completed


Was the Cold War a clash of ideologies or a clash of superpowers?


1. evaluate the interpretations of historians on specific topics


i'm looking for someone to do my homework in Music History

I'm looking for someone to take my "homework" in my Music history 105 and the due is a week from now.


Essay on African Slavery

Below is the essay attachment, the instructions of the essay is the other , and the comments from the teacher.

Unit 11WA 11In WA 7, you were asked to answer the question: "What were the social and economic engines of...

Unit 11

WA 11

In WA 7, you were asked to answer the question: "What were the social and economic engines of Abbasid power?"  This time I am asking a very similar question, but related to the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires.  Please pay close attention to the wording of the question, and my comments at the end of the assignment. You were also asked to go back to Unit 4 to see what the engines of power were for the very first Islamic state under the 4 "Rightly Guided Caliphs".

history questions

Discussion topic # 1: After engaging in your own independent research online, post the names of three artists (not writers or musicians, but rather, visual artists such as painters, sculptors, and so forth) that you think were the most influential during the 1960s. For each of the artists that you discuss, please post a URL that we can link up to to take a look at their work. Then, offer a brief commentary about why each of them is particularly influential.


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