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History homework help

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Marx on American Civil War

I uploaded the file that has the article you need. The article are the first one in the file and its title is " The North American Civil War".

I need you to write in about 1500 words about this article.The instructor wanted us to analyze how Marx's approached The American Civil war in this article. From this article, what are the causes of the Civil war? and how did he see the civil war? explain how this article help us to get better understanding of the civil war?

I am an international student, please be aware of that when analyzing and writing the essay.

Week 4 Journal

Based on your readings of this week's material (textbook and primary documents), how do you think slavery and slave trade shaped social and economic developments in Europe?

Word requirement: 500 words minimum (without footnotes or bibliography)

need answer to my 5 questions

I need at least  2 pages to answer these questions below from the two PDF files that i uploaded :

1)      What were the justifications for European colonialism?

ivy's essay due today

I have an essay due today. The essay must be explained to why it qualifies as a story. The essay must be between 250 and 500 words I prefer about 300 or 350 if possible. I have also inclued my shools template please write the paper according to the instructions. I accidently posted my homework on the reference page.

Homework Question

needs to be at least 3 paragraphs the minimum

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