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History homework help

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has to be done on time, history assignment

1. How did African societies change as a result of increased contact with Europeans?

2. What enabled the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs?

3. How did the arrival of Europeans affect relations among Native Americans in and around the Hudson River Valley?

4.Compare the founding and development of society in Virginia and Massachusetts Bay.

5.Compare the development of Pennsylvania and New York with the New England colonies.

6.ow did Massachusetts evolve, both socially and economically during the seventeenth century?

Lot Of Eight, History Essays + ID's

I need these ID's covered, just a paragraph each, identifying what it is and telling the significance of each person/place/thing within history at that time, and how it affected society.


Name Your Price

Please read the assignment and 3 attachments.


400-600 word essay due by Midnight. Name your price


How would you categorize their approaches to discipline? Were there behavior modification advocates or did the focus on logical consequences and encouragement? Which way are you leaning now?


one page

what four factors led to the economic boom in the 12th and 13th centery? provide specific examples of these factors in your discussion.

what four factors led to the economic boom in the 12th and 13th centery? provide specific examples of these factors in your discussion


at least 200 words apa format references and cited no plagerism

US History: Winning the War

1. Address the role of women as army nurses. What opportunities did it create? Did it have a greater affect on one region than the other? Why or why not?


Answer must be at least 200 words and you are required to use at least the text book I have to email to you. And you must use APA format for in reference texts.



Critique Assignment

Please Critique Benjamin Franklin: “Speech in the Convention: At the Conclusion of Its Deliberations” (Sept. 17, 1787)


Does not have to be a full research paper...only 400-600 Word essay


At the Conclusion of its Deliberations


Students will select a commodity prominent in Atlantic trade (such as sugar, tobacco, rum, chocolate, coffee, or furs) and write a paper summarizing its role in the Atlantic economy. The paper will indicate that commodities impact on at least two different groups of people in the Atlantic World and explain whether it was or was not part of the Columbian Exchange. The paper should be prepared using APA style. All sources must be cited.



1.      Compare and contrast the "revolutionary" cinemas of Cuba and Argentina.


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