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History homework help

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American History

Hello attached is the doc needed to complete assignment. This is due Monday July 7th 2014 @ 20:00 Pacific. Thank you for your help.


Unit plan, social studies

Using a graphic organizer, create a basic outline of a social studies theme that could be taught over a month or more.



A 6 weeks class, I am looking for someone who can access the book, do all the work which is online and can garuntee me an A!


Read sylabus before contacting me please.


history of art 101

Your project will be basedon your analysis of an original work of art.

Christ of Faith

How do you understand the "Historical Jesus" in relation to the "Christ of Faith"? What implications does your answer have for Christian faith and life?

Introductory Paragraph

 I want you to craft a paragraph so clear and concise it could be published.  It must have a topic sentence, evidence to support whatever your claiming with your topic sentence, and supporting sentences to either clarify or reinforce whatever you are claiming.  It must have at least 4-8 sentences. The thesis needs to be underlined.


The topic-Was the American Revolution a conservative or radical revolution?

Support radical


citations need to be in apa format.

were the founding fathers democratic reformers


This explains someones opinion as to why the founding fathers WERE NOT democratic reformers-


I need an outline for the topic below

The person who does will get to do the full paper on a later date

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