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History homework help

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The beginning of African slavery in America

A 1500 word essay on The beginning of African slavery in America between pre-Columbian era to Civil War/ Reconstruction


History Paper

Check the attachment, look at the part 3. there are requirement for the paper.

MLA format. 12pt. double space. 2-3 pages.


I already choose the history site which name is "Carytown"


You can google some information about this history site. Here are some information link:

1. http://rvanews.com/entertainment/carytown-richmonds-ever-changing-shopping-district/63336

2. http://byrdtheatrefoundation.org/

3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carytown,_Richmond,_Virginia



You likely noticed that during the three hundred years covered in this week’s study that religious art remained quite important just as it had been in earlier “art ages.” There were monumental changes, however, in the way the religious subjects were depicted.

Use the textbook and/or online sources to locate and capture three works of religious art. All three pieces should be dealing with the same subject matter— for example, the Crucifixion, mother and child, or the Last Supper. Capture one image from each:

History Homework

Define and discuss the "Purtian migration"




This paper can't be on the civil rights bill of 1866

Paper must be from US History 1600-1877!





art theater homework

its a 70 multiple choices questions

Case Study: Latin America and the Catholic Church

Traditionally, conservatives in Latin America supported and had the support of the Catholic Church. When the regimes they led brought prosperity only to the wealthy and complaints from the poor were met with political oppression, many Catholic priests stood alongside Marxist revolutionaries in criticizing the existing conservative order. Many of these priests, and even nuns, were assassinated by government-supported death squads.

answer all questions in short complete answsers. typed in the document please.

answer all questions in short complete answsers. typed in the document please. 


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