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History homework help

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Thinking It Over 2

Thinking It Over #2

1. When did WWI start? When did the US get involved? Why?

2. Name at least three technological advances that came out of WWI.

3. How many American causalities were there?

4. How did WWI directly or indirectly affect and change the lives of American women?

What about ethnic and racial groups in America?

5. How did workers benefit from this war?

6. Did the changes in #4 and #5 endure? Why or why not?

Art History Essay Needed

Art History; New Essay-No Retreads

reading from ch 24 to 25

I will upload pictures scanned from a book and I need from the writer to read it and I will also upload a document that has all of the instructions needed for the paper. I need three important things ( 1- Summary: Summarize this reading one concise sentence. / 2- Argument: Describe what argument(s) are made or implied in this text in 2-3 sentences. / 3- Reflection: Write a paragraph relating this source to the major themes of this course, and add at the end any notes or citations from the text that you want to keep for future reference ). and I need the writer to read it carefully.

Morrill Act, 1862.

Use at least 3 sources from at least 2 categories such as the Internet, book, journal, newspaper, et cetera. Professional scandals should be inclusive.

Why did the American west have such a powerful impact on immigration in the 1880s?

Five paragraphs: Topic, 3x body, closing.

Please ensure you use an open source, web-based source.


First topic. What led to and resulted from the age of exploration and the colonization of the New World?


Second topic. Compare and contrast the political developments in English and France during the seventeenth century.


Put each topic in separate page please. Put first topic in first page and second topic in second page. No more than 2 pages please. Use easy words.

What was the role of the Viking invasions on Europe around the year 1000?

How did Europeans manage to preserve the remnants of Roman and Christian civilization during this time period?

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