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History homework help

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Please look at attached assignment and required reading. Assignment needs to be completed by 10:00 AM in the morning. I appreciate all offers but please don't accept if you cant meet the deadline. Thx.


Judaism is based on a covenant relationship between God and His people, how does this shape the rituals and practices of Judaism? What are some contemporary covenants and how does your understanding of covenant shape you personally as you interact with others? What are some of the challenges facing Judaism in our world today

History hw

You will choose a topic related to African American history during the time period of this course (1865 to present) for this assignment. It may be the topic you plan on doing your research paper upon, or not. If you need help in thinking up a topic, look under the Commentary link under Research Paper Topic in Course Content for some examples. You can also browse through your AA Odyssey ebook for topics.

Progressive Presidents


The Progressive Presidents


The presidential election of 1912 was the most Progressive in US history, with the two frontrunners, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, both espousing Progressive philosophies. Although both Wilson and Roosevelt were Progressive, their attitudes toward Progressivism differed, at least in theory. This paper will provide an opportunity to review the complex nature of Progressivism, and to explore how presidents’ policies while in office often differ from their rhetoric on the campaign trail. 



Exam II (Chapters 21-24)



Part I.  Essays.  Write essays of one and a half pages each on FOUR of these questions:



Exam II (Chapters 21-24)



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