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Greek sculpture the Hellenistic period “The Bronze Boxer”

Greeks contributed immensely to Western civilization and that is why they are widely accredited.  Although the Greek devised most artwork, some of the parts were copied from Egypt and others from the Near East. For instance, the alphabet used today is referred to as the Roman alphabet, but it came from Greek alphabet (Sarris, Peter 121).  

Citing specific evidence from the feudal document (not from the textbook), what did this document reveal about medieval society?

Lawday. Court of Brightwaltham holden on Monday next after Ascension Day in the twenty-first year of King Edward (A.D. 1293).

World Civilization Answer both

Choose one of the regions covered in the last 3 lectures of the course (Mediaeval Europe, Byzantium, Mongol/Turkic Eurasian Silk Road) and write an essay on changing political systems.  Identify 4 ways in which the populations in these areas would have been most affected by the changes in regimes.  How would they have been affected in each case?    Identify two social or geographical or economic areas where the change would have been felt the least.

China Great Wall


China's Great Wall" Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:


All of these variables influence the result to sell my house

7. The number of empty homes with overgrown yards will surely impact the value of your house and the length of time it stays on the marketplace.


All of these variables influence the result to sell my house.


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