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History homework help

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Why did the American west have such a powerful impact on immigration in the 1880s?

Five paragraphs: Topic, 3x body, closing.

Please ensure you use an open source, web-based source.


First topic. What led to and resulted from the age of exploration and the colonization of the New World?


Second topic. Compare and contrast the political developments in English and France during the seventeenth century.


Put each topic in separate page please. Put first topic in first page and second topic in second page. No more than 2 pages please. Use easy words.

What was the role of the Viking invasions on Europe around the year 1000?

How did Europeans manage to preserve the remnants of Roman and Christian civilization during this time period?

12 Arial Font


Imagine that you are selected as the screenwriter for a new Back to the Future film. Your sponsors ask that you select a modern figure from popular culture and send him or her back to the time of the American Revolution. Do not select a political figure for this Assignment.

I need a 10 page research paper on The Crimean War (1853-1856)


Working Thesis; a thesis statement that comes after a 1-2 page introduction to the topic and outlines lines the rest of the paper in chronological order (3-4 main ideas)

10 pages

MLA Format

Times New Roman, size 12 font

a day without maxican

I would like you to do a summary for the film "a day without maxi can"

let me know if you have any questions

Last of the Mohicans



the first link above is showing the post of a movie called Last of the Mohicans. and the second one is to watch it.

I want you to watch the movie and write a summary about it. talk at the begging about the goal of the movie then summarize the movie.

the cyrus cylinder ( the persian ancient object )

i need a 3 page paper based on the object from the persian ancient in which i have chosen the cyrus cylinder , however please follow the instructions in the given attachment i want the exact points to be covered .


I need a 10 page research paper on the Industrial Revolution in Britain



Working thesis: A thesis statement that comes after the 1-2 page introduction that outlines the rest of the paper in chronological order.

World Cultures 2 Assignment

Assignment 1: Essay

Due Week 4 and worth 100 points

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