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History homework help

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history papers


The term-paper for this course is to be done on a topic of your choice from the subject matter and time period this class covers, meaning:



Why is it i

Nation Creation: Building Political Policies and Alliances World History


Nation Creation: Building Political Policies and Alliances 

HST due after 10 hours

write essay about Enlightenment Slave Trade and theoth er essay about World War II



history essay and quizzes

History- final project

Final Project

Please choose one of the following topics for your final essay. I expect that you will find most of your information in the assignments in the units for this course - the books, the modules and their links and online readings. You may well have written about one or another aspect of these topics for the units by the time you work on this final project - and you may feel free to reuse ideas that you have already used in this course.

A-plus writer

The papers can be about any current event or any topic but MUST be relateble to at least 2 of the following philosophers beliefs:

Charles Mills
I will give you the readings which the support must come from
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