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History homework help

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies, Intellectual Property, 

and the Global AIDS Epidemic 

This case is provided at the end of chapter 3 of your text (Luthans and Doh).


Stamp Act 1765

In 1765, Parliament passed the infamous Stamp Act. How oppressive was the Stamp Act? How Radical were the responses to the Stamp Act? Was it the beginning of the American Revolution? Why or why not? 

Exploring the Art of Indigenous Cultures

Assignment 2: Exploring the Art of Indigenous Cultures: Part 1

All of the indigenous cultures that we have explored this week were at one time “discovered” by European explorers who often connected traditional art objects to take back with them to Europe as “curiosities.

The Jungle


Hi I'm finishing an history class this week, and I forgot we had an essay to write. I have not time, because I am working the entire weekend. Can anyone help me?

I need help writing a paper about black union army benefits. paper is due tomorrow 5 pages with three sources'

I need help writing a paper about black union army benefits. paper is due tomorrow 5 pages with three sources'

Nuremberg laws of 1935 Research Paper

It should be 8-10 pages long.  It needs to have a title page, a full bibliography at the end of the paper, and in-text citations in the body of the paper.  Example:  (Smith, 2010)  Of course the full citation for Smith would be found in the bibliography.  In-text citations should be used for direct quotes but also to tell us where the information came from, for some research that you did.  Shell recommendations for a project like this include an introduction and a conclusion and a thesis statement.


Please use the attached document.

Art history HW, 6 pages double spaced

Art of The Modern World


I need 2 papers done on 2 different topics in my Art History class, total of 4 pages( I added an extra page for citation)


Topic: Art History: Medieval to Renaissance  


-Each topic must be 3 pages(double spaced) 

- Must be MLA format

- Provide much description and detail as possible

- Use quotation marks if quotes are used 

- Topic Choices/Options:

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