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Government homework help

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•What powers are extended to the federal government? Explain in detail.

What powers are extended to the federal government? Explain in detail.


1. In your initial post of at least 200-250 words, respond to one of these questions: 

discussion post - ethics class

Those in the field say that one of the most effective methods of ethics training is an exercise in resolving ethical dilemmas that relates to actual situations employees may face on the job. Why do you think that this is so?


Business Ethics

In a 1-2 page document, please explain the following:


Need help with both of these

Effective immediately, all personnel promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and above, within your department (or the University City Fire/Rescue Department), must complete training for disaster response. Identify and discuss federal training programs available for disaster response training for each rank-Lieutenant and above. Also determine the time period in which the newly promoted officers must complete the training. Justify why you determined this time period. Also identify which of the 16 life safety initiatives are applicable to this assignment.


Case Study 2: USA PATRIOT Act 

Due Week 8 and worth 50 points

Read the following article titled: “Mom says Patriot Act stripped son of due process,” dated April 29, 2009, from the WRAL Website located at http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/5049867/.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

government dq8

Discussion 1: "The Difficulties of Writing Policy" Please respond to the following:

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