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Assignment 3: Public Administrative Environments

worth 280 points



Based on your response to Question 3 in Assignment 1, use the Internet to research two (2) renowned public leaders—one (1) male and one (1) female—that embody your selected theory(ies) and styles.

You may use the Internet and / or Strayer databases to complete any additional research.

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Part I: Principles of the Constitution


Create a chart or a matrix outlining the following primary principles of the Constitution:


  1. Self-Government
  2. Separation of Powers
  3. Checks and Balances


Write an analysis of 250-500 words on the effectiveness of the checks and balances in the federal government.


Due today at 1:00 pm (only 100 words)


Justice Anton Scalia of the Supreme Court has publically stated that he views the U.S. Constitution as a static document as opposed to a “living document” others have claimed. Do you agree or disagree with Justice Scalia’s interpretation? Explain.


·         From th

Public Admin

In 2-3 pages answer the following:  Do you think that public administrators should be restricted to only laid down rules in the discharge of their duties as espoused by Max Weber or should they have some amount of discretion. Provide the likely benefits and disadvantages of each scenario and use examples to support your argument.

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Create a chronological narrative of 750-1,000 words describing and analyzing the events that impacted the process of Arizona becoming a state. Include the key events from the following periods in Arizona history:

  1. The Preterritorial Period
  2. The Spanish Period
  3. The Mexican Period
  4. U.S. Controlled Period
  5. The Territorial Period 

The impact of the Progressive movement on the creation of the Arizona constitution, including the declaration of rights, ballot initiatives, and recall of judges. 

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Write an essay of 750-1,000 words in which you reflect on the rights and freedoms guaranteed to you as an American citizen in the Bill of Rights. Include the following:


Counterintelligence Strategy

300 Words for a discussion forum post:

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