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Constitutional Issues and the Scope and Character of U.S. Government

In the Final Research Paper, you will use your critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate a current events topic that has constitutional and political implications. Select from the list below or utilize a topic approved by the instructor. The thesis of the paper will be a statement identifying how the concepts of federalism, civil liberties, and civil rights are implicated in and affected by this topic.


Select one topic from the following list of constitutional issues:

Regulation of commerce

Religious freedom

Free speech

Privacy rights

Health Promotion and Wellness

West Nile Virus Diseases

Study the topic West Nile virus diseases in detail. Click here to view information provided about West Nile cases in the US and your state.

1 paragraph long for politics assignment, Due in 12 hours.

This assignment for politics class, it has to be a paragraph long, and I want it in 12 hours.


I want you to write what is the significant of the news and why this news is significant? And why we have to read this news?

For A-Plus Writer Only


Application: Legislative Agenda




For A-Plus Writer Only


Private Problems and Public Policy Issues


Tele-health remote monitoring

To prepare for this Discussion, select andconduct a literature review on one type of clinically focused health information system, such as:


Please answer each Essay question with 1-2 paragraph ornothing less than 20 sentences per question. Please answer both Essay question separately.


1.  explain whybPresident Johnson was more successful than President Kennedy in getting domestic reform legislation through Congress?


2. How did Nixon fall from political heights of 1972 to his forced resignation in 1974? What were the political consequences of Watergate?


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Assignment 2: Course Reflection

In this course, we have examined the police, the court system, and the correctional system. We have explored the roles and responsibilities of each system. In this exploration, we learned that each system is distinct yet relies on the other two systems to work properly.

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