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Government homework help

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schuette v. coalition to defend affirmative action

one page 


see the article and give me a refliction about the article. 


i will attach the article:)

Centralia No.5

This paper requires a case study that has been attached.


political science

I need help with a writting assignment, its attached. please take a look it,and let me know if you can help thank you.

Easy Gov 101 Case reflection " Sweatt vs Painter"



I want one page only refelction about Sweatt vs Painter. i also want the level of English to be as international acadimic student.


you can read review and write the one page but i also attached the case.


thank you.

American Government

  • What are interest groups? Explain.
  • What are the various types of interest groups? Explain.
  • What are the types of activities that are conducted by interest groups?
  • How are interest groups connected to the average citizen, if at all? Provide examples of average citizens’ involvement in interest groups.
  • What types of public policies might interest groups influence that impact government at the federal, state or local level? Explain in detail and provide examples.
  • What significant issues do you think exist with regard to interest groups?

Political Science Essay



I have a political science essay and the due date is within 3 days. Message me me to get the essay prompt. And also, the essay has to be related to the book (The Struggle for democracy).

**KIM WOODS** Personal Crimes Analysis


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