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Geometry homework help

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Geometry Work

pg 510 #20-21

pg 511 #29


geometry assignment 3

Part I

1. What does the scale on a scale drawing indicate?

Part II

In the book on pg 444 Do 14-16 and 18-20


circle and arc

Part I

1. What is the difference between the measure of an arc and arc length? 

2. Explain why the ratio of the measurement of an arc to 360 is used to find the length of an arc.  


Part II

pg 655 # 30-35




triangle inequality

pg 329 # 9~11  

 pg 329 #21~23  

 pg 329 #27~29  

Geometry Slope Assignment/ MUST HAVE PDF READER/ADOBE

Part I

1. Why do you think that the slope of a vertical line is called "undefined?" 

2. Can you find the equation of a line if you are given the slope and the x-intercept? If so, explain how. If not, explain why you can't.


Part II 

Do the questions on pg 194 #16-18

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