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turabian citation

I need a Turabian ciation

If a 12-sided regular polygon rotates about its center...

If a 12-sided regular polygon rotates about its center, at which angle of rotation will the image of the polygon coincide with the preimage?

geometric figures illustrated in tangram puzzles

In this task, you will create arguments and provide reasoning for the properties of geometric figures illustrated in tangram puzzles. The tangram puzzle is a group of seven polygons that can be rearranged into different orientations to create other shapes. These polygons can be rearranged into a square, with no gaps or overlapping of the individual polygons, as shown in the figure below:Figure 1. Given: ? are large, congruent right isosceles triangles. ? are small, congruent right isosceles triangles. ? is a right isosceles triangle. ? is a square. ? is a parallelogram. ?

I need this Geometry proof done ASAP

The Geometry proof I need done is in the attachment. I need it completed within a couple hours. And I need it done right!!!! Thanks



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