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Geography homework help

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geographic presentation homework Due in 5 hours

 geographic presentation homework Due in 5 hours

i need help writing about one of the Angeloni articles

I need two of them and you have to have this articles

Grading Rubric for ANT 2000 Angeloni Commentary


Why are maritime boundaries particularly significant to countries in The Pacific Realm?

1. Thesis statement: You must begin your answer with a clear thesis statement.

2. Supporting Points: You must provide at least three clear and distinct arguments to support the assertion that you have made in your topic sentence.

3. Grammar: I will deduct points for grammatical errors.

4. Proper Citation of Sources: You must cite your sources on any material that you choose to quote or reference. You can choose to use either MLA  style for citation and references

geographic presentation homework

help needed to do a 6 minute presentation about west coast ( north-west region, and south-west region)  of United states 

the points i want to talk about are 



-political effects of the land 

-economics activities 




  two page.  importance of water to the environment

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geography homework

1. Describe the forces on a slope, and also the various physical aspects pf a slope, such as waxing slope and debris slope.


2.What characteristics distinguish the marine west coast climates, and what factors are responsible for those characteristics?


3.Describe and explaon the typical climate, vegetation, and soil characteristics of a tropical rain forest climate.


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