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A country that pursues a policy of import substitution:

  A. buys manufactured goods from several suppliers, increasing competition.

  B. replaces some imported goods with others of higher quality.

  C. attempts to develop domestic industries instead of importing goods.

  D. abandons investment in industry in favor of the service sector. Reset Selection


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When examining the geology of a region for potential useable aquifers, what characteristics or factors would you consider? Also, taking into account certain natural and human factors, which areas would you avoid?






Wind is included along with gravity, water, and ice as an agent of erosion. In many areas of natural beauty, statements are often made that credit wind as having sculpted the landscape. Briefly discuss the importance of wind as an agent of erosion, and explain why such statements are probably inaccurate.



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GEO 215 Week 5 Natural Resources and Growth Presentation

Geo215 Week 5 Natural Resources and Growth Presentation (***** 13 Slides With Speaker Notes + Conclusion + Images + Original + References *****)


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