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Geography homework help

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human geogeophy research help

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Could you complete the assignment below in APA format?



Could you complete the assignment listed below in APA format?



Colonialism in Southeast Asia and the Austral and Pacific Realms




Describe the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram. How is it useful in classifying stars? Where do stars tend to cluster on the diagram? Where on the H-R diagram does a star spend most of its life?



Compare and contrast the atmospheres of Jovian planets and the atmospheres of terrestrial planets. Why are the components of Jovian atmospheres so different from those of terrestrial planets?




Lutgens, F. K., & Tarbuck, E. J. (2011). Foundations of earth science (6th ed., Pg., 431-433 ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


10 page paper on geography of Identity as a function of race and ethnicity.

Discuss how geography affects race and ethnicity and how geography can determine what a person's race and/or ethnicity is/is not.  Also, discuss how race is not ethnicity and ethnicity is not race, following this guidance:


APA format

10 pages with works cited page (not including cover page),

At least 8 sources

Double spaced

12 point Times New Roman font


Price $15 USD.


I would also like regular updates as to the progress of the paper so I can address any problems or answer any questions that may arise.

Need yelp writing this project

I am assigned to to Project 2 part B for GEOL 108. I need an 8 page double spaced 2000 word essay on the questions provided in this attachment.

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