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Geography homework help

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Chapter 3 homework  33 points total

Use news sources to locate 8 recent (last 10 years) examples of landslides, soil erosion, flooding, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. from areas around the world

Create a map like the one below showing:  (1 pt)

 Show picture from event (8 total points)


Assignment 1: Discussion—Nonrenewable Resources

Today, more than any other time in history, there is growing support to move away from nonrenewable resources towards developing renewable resources to meet current and future energy needs. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources that continue to negatively impact the environment. It is important to learn how these resources are formed since this process of formation is at the very heart of why fossil fuels are considered to be nonrenewable.

due Septemner 10 Follow directions please I live In St Petersburg Fl

Assignment 2: Organisms in Your Biome

In this assignment, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that exhibits the different organisms in your current biome.

Include the following in your presentation:


Assignment 2: Demographic Transitions

Demographic transition is the process in which a nation transitions from being a less industrialized society, with high birth and death rates, to an industrialized nation, with lower birth and death rates. Many countries have already been through this transition including the United States, England, and Canada.

15 pages LITERATURE REVIEW (Dissertation Literature review ) in APA style. this is related to petroleum or we can say oil reservoir

I am looking for someone to write a LITERATURE REVIEW (Dissertation Literature review ) in APA style. this is related to petroleum or we can say oil reservoir. The topic is about the "tarmat" on oil reservoir which i need someone to review many SPE papers, articals, and other research. Also, i have to many materials that i will upload to you to help you to write my (Literature review).

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