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“By world standards, [North America] is a rich realm where high incomes and high rates of consumption prevail.” “North America is home to one of the world’s great manufacturing complexes.” “North America’s population…is the world’s most highly urbanized and mobile.” These are some of the comments on North America found in the textbook. Explain how the PHYSICAL geography and CULTURAL geography of the United States have made this development possible. The figures and maps in the textbook should be useful in answering this essay question.

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1. A few years back National Geographic identified some of the most polluted places on Earth. Read the article and pick two of the ten places to look at more closely. Answer these questions: Why did the places you picked make the article list? Who should be held responsible for the pollution? Are the given responsible parties fixing the problem? If so, how? If not,what steps would need to happen in order to fix the environment?

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In your view what kind nation is the United States? This is probably the most openeded discussion theme of the course. So, be free and frank in expressing yours hearts and minds, as you have done thusfar.


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GEO 101 

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Numerical Methods in Geography HW

This assignment is due April 21st at 11am (pacific)

Please read over the assignment provided by the PDF and Excel file to assure you understand and can guarantee you can complete it by the due date.

There are graphs and a lot of math involved in this assignment which may be complicated, again please look over it



1. What climatic and geologic hazards threaten the Americas? What have been some of the historical ones impacting this whole region? How do you think any Global Warming or Climate Change will impact this region?




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