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Geography homework help

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Geo HW

1)  List the 8 eras of New Mexico geography:  name three Athabaskan Nations and three Pueblo Nations

2)  List and briefly explain what factors created Spanish conquistador culture and how that helped make Spanish settlement in New Mexico successful

3)  List the four types of land grants given by Spain and Mexico:  list three ways in which land grants were lost during the American Period, and say how many acres of the original grants were retained

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Based on AUSTRALIAN tourism

Must use English spelling (not American)

Must use AUSTRALIAN examples, etc.

geo 101

1 Geography sometimes has the reputation for being interesting, but not very practical. That is only half true! Use search tools on the Internet or other resources to learn about employment opportunities for students trained in geography. Use your research to answer the following questions:

GEO215 Week 1 Expanded Definition of Geography Paper

GEO 215 Week 1 Expanded Definition of Geography Paper


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