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Baase discusses freedom of speech and censorship in light of the modern digital landscape, especially given the dubious ways in which technology can sometimes be utilized. Superior expertise about how technologies work does not guarantee superior judgment about how they should be used, regulated, or governed. As technology becomes more sophisticated, how can citizens and political leaders judge and understand whether a given technology offers great perils or great promises?

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m/c and short answers

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which is the highest mountain in the world?


What are the different opportunities and outcomes between rich and poor (social class inequality), white people and people of color (race and ethnic inequality) and men and women (gender inequality).  Also cover three ways that class and race/ethnic and gender inequality are similar and how they are different.


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I have a final paper exam which the class has four groups... the groups are nw himalaya, se himalaya ,, central of himalaya and tibet.. i am in the NW Himalaya whuch has three countries: azad kashmir, jammu kashmir and gilgit-baltistan. i have attached three files which has everything you need and i will attach the powerpoint slides for each group so you can take information from it to help you..

Astronomy Homework 1

After viewing "The Universe: Alien Galaxies" and the Unit Five PowerPoint presentations on the Milky Way Galaxies, Galaxies, and Active Galaxies; please post your opinion on how our galaxy was formed. Please included general galaxy formation and how our galaxy is related to active galaxies. Please use a correctly spelled and grammatically correct three paragraphs of six to eight sentences.

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