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Geography homework help

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Geography Assignment

see attached file for instructions.



  1. Who are the people who live in your region?  Are they native or immigrant, and what is the impact on the region because of this?
  2. How do these people make a living?  What do they do that changed the region in history?

3 short eassy questions

Write a shourt essay for each question and (Draw and explain). for it. (157 word or more )



1- Discuss metamorphic grade and faries , and how its been used to show intersity of metamorphism?


2- Discuss different types of stress and their corresponding faults , HW , FW , Normal fault?


3- Discuss how can know about different layers of the earth from studing seismic waves?



Three-Paragraph Essay Guidelines

Essays are due at the beginning of the first class meeting of each week. They must be typed or neatly handwritten. The structure of the essays, unless otherwise instructed, is as follows:

  A.Title of Essay, your name (Last, First), class # (OCN100.01), and date. (10 points)

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