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Geography homework help

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Geography of water and energy resources

1. Access the CIA World Factbook at: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html


2. Using the menu "Please select a country to view," compute the total population (2014) and the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP, official exchange rate, in US dollar, in 2013) of all OPEC members that are included in the Middle East region as defined in this course.


Geography and Environment of Middle East

Read carefully the OPEC brochure "Who Gets What From Imported Oil?" at the powerpoint (Attachment)

Write a concise paragraph (135 words) in which (1) you summarize the four main points made in the four graphs and (2) you explain why there was a misconception about the issue of who gets what from oil revenues.





Make reference from attachment

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On a given day in the winter in St. Louis, Missouri it began snowing in the morning. The snow changed to rain by noon, later in the afternoon sleet was falling which turned to snow, and by evening rain was freezing on bridges and roadways. Explain how such a sequence of precipitation might occur.




Why is the vertical movement of air critical to the formation of clouds and precipitation? How is this vertical movement achieved? What roles do adiabatic temperature changes play in these processes?




artists to look at for the Response to Art Assignment. Wrrite 150 words respons of the picture below. It is for John Constable.



Operations Management

I need help finding the upper control limit (UCL) and lower control Limit (LCL) and range limits.

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