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Geography homework help

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1. Please name two of the most famous geographers and what they contributed to the field of geography. Describe how you use geography each day. How did you use geography in the past? How do you use it today? How do you think you will use it in the future?


Need help write two pages about what i uploaded below( Natural history of Cleveland class)

choose two points from the pictures that i uploaded belw and wite two pages about them.

Here is the link that you can get more info about them.



Essay 6 3 pages long

Friends, I want to share with you these two pictures. The first one shows a white farmer in Africa in his well tended plantation. The second shows a native African farmer trying to turn his land productive with the help of the oxen. On the other side of the water, there lies a white-owned plantation whose productivity he will not be able to match. These two images speak to one of the legacies of western imperialism in Africa: Africans feel that they were robbed of their land by white intruders.


1 question 200 word answer


Do you think that it is ever justifiable to treat people differently on the basis of their race or sex or religion or other group characteristic? Explain. Should we further multiculturalism and diversity? Why or why not?

Geo 101 1 para per question

1. There are three types of plate boundaries (divergent is one of them.) Explain each plate boundary and give specific examples of places on Earth where we see these types of boundaries.




Please answer the following question in a 1-2 page short essay using APA Format.  Please be sure to use the course readings and/or other outside documented research to support all of your ideas, facts, and opinions.


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