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Financial markets homework help

Get free Financial markets homework help here or go to homework help

15 minute presentation based on 8 slides

I need to do a 15 min presentation in front of the class based on slides 2-9 . You must use examples, and hopefully something funny that will catch the class attention.


So I need notes for each slide with examples, prefer nothing boring. must be gramatically correct and no plagarism

Which view of corporate social responsibility - the narrow or the broad - do you favor, and why?

Business ethics class. the answer should not be more than 150 words... You should support the narrow corporate social responsibility...

Financial Feasibility paper

Need help to finish my Financial feasibility paper. one or two pages single space. must fits all requirment I provided on those two attachments.(jpg)

Our team want to buy the franchise of restaurant name" nandos."USA name was "nandos peri peri" , and we are going to open a the restaurant on philadelphia, localtion down below with monthy cost. we are going to have 2 people management it, and other 3 of us are investor.

help IP2

  • I need this by Friday the latest.  This has to be in a word document.   The excel spreadsheet needs to be attached along with a word document. Word document has to be 1-2 pages.

2 hours

After reading Chapter 21, 23, and the Web readings, submit a written response to these questions. Relate the topics to your own experiences. You response should be 400-600 words, using APA style formatting.

What are the approaches for predicting? How can you use these techniques to develop a strategic plan for an information systems department in a heath care institution





market position analysis

Assignment 3: Market Position Analysis

Throughout this course, you will conduct a strategy audit for a selected company. Begin this assignment by selecting an organization for your course project activities.

In this module, you will assess the product portfolio of your selected business unit by analyzing the value proposition, market position, and competitive advantage of its products and services.

Part I: Interview


I need quality and plagerizing free work, remembe to for the APA format and style

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