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Financial markets homework help

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250 Word Summary

Summary in your words BASED ON areticle relating to  VENTURE CAPITAL


Imgur: From Reddit ‘Gift’ to $40 Million in Venture Capital


In February 2009, college student Alan Schaaf built a photo-uploading tool for the users of Reddit, an online discussion board that needed a way to share viral images.

Chapter 9 #11 & 20

This is for Speccy-the-Prof. to complete a handshake. All calculaitons is needed. Chapter 9 questions 11 and 20.


Zelman, W., McCue, M., & Glick, N. (2009). Financial management of health care organizations. (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.



Analyze the market over the week. What was driving the market? What do you think caused the changes in the market and the Dow Jones and any other indices you selected? Did the market react quickly to news?


Continue to track your portfolio. What was the return on the portfolio and how did it compare with the market? Which stocks in your portfolio went up and which went down, and why? How were the stocks in your portfolio affected by the changes in the market, and by events in the companies or industries?



FIN571 week 3

Using the sample financial statements, calculate the financial ratios and then interpret those results against historical data and industry benchmarks. 

Write a 350- to 700-w

Business and finance

please follow the instruction. Part 1 is a discussion and part 2 is a project


Statistics, data analysis, and decision modeling (2 problems)

Solve Problem and Applications: ch11- prob 8, and ch 12- prob 2 at the end of chapters 11 and 12 in your textbook.

11-8: Suppose that a car rental agency offers insurance for a week that will cost $10 per day. A minor fender bender will cost $1,500, while a major accident might cost $15,000 in repairs. Without the insurance, you would be personally liable for any damages. What should you do? Clearly, there are two decision alternatives: take the insurance or do not take the insurance.

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