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Financial markets homework help

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BUS 308 week 5 assignment

  1. Create a correlation table for the variables in our 


Select Only One For Your Response


Respond to one selected question giving real-world examples to support all your answers.



You are working with a company selling building material to builders. You predict the quarterly purchases of customers based on their current purchases by using a linear regression model. These predictions, however, are not very accurate. Discuss at least three reasons why these predictions may not be accurate and offer three ways in which you can increase the likelihood of accurately predicting your customers’ purchases.

Begin you r e-mail to AIU by first providing an overview of the database, that is, a story about the characteristics that may include types of variables, etc.

Using our data set from unit 1  (1402B  BUSN311 Data Set and Key), compose a 3-page e-mail to the head of the American Intellectual Union (AIU) whih includes the following:

Financial Management Project

Company adopted is Walgreens.


All work must be Plagerism free.

 Consists of paper and a power point



Analyze the market over the week. What was driving the market? What do you think caused the changes in the market and the Dow Jones and any other indices you selected? Did the market react quickly to news?


Continue to track your portfolio. What was the return on the portfolio and how did it compare with the market? Which stocks in your portfolio went up and which went down, and why? How were the stocks in your portfolio affected by the changes in the market, and by events in the companies or industries?


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