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300/400 Words formatting not important.  No plagiarism - quoted references are fine. 


In your initial post, identify and recommend at least 1 credible Web site that an investor can visit to find the current market value of market indexes such as the Dow Industrial Averages, and address at least 3 of the following:

Can anyone assist me?

Hello there , I have two discussion questions that are due tonight. Is there anyway that you would be able to assist me.

The first one is What is plagiarism?

The second one is explained below.


This is a repost due to the other person not completing the work.  PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED before you beg me to do this work.  It's now past due because someone commited to something they could not complete.


I'm easy to work with and I've used this site for over a year.  Just in the last few months, I've had trouble with 2 teachers.  I prefer to us the same person for all work but sometimes depending on the type of work that's not possible.





Short End of the Chapter Cases

This work is due 04/16/2015 at 11:35am New York Time.


I need to answer 5 question that are attached. 


Case 1: Healthy Kids INC. (img_5459)

2 questions.


Case 2: Manchester Bidwell Corporation (img_5460)

3 Questions.


Both cases are attached below. I also attached some pages that have the information to answer the first question of the Case 1. 



Waterfall SDLC 250 words

Would you say that unit testing compares to the Waterfall SDLC in that each unit is tested prior to moving forward? What happens when each unit is tested successfully and then the entire system is tested and it doesn't integrate well with other systems? Is this a possibility?

Financial Statement Analysis

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