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200-300 words each

1) Demonstrate the welfare loss of a tax when the supply is highly elastic

and the demand is highly inelastic.  Explain and give an example.

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  • Conflict management 
  • Describe an example of conflict that occurred within the selected organization.
  • Explain the strategies that were used to manage that conflict situation, including their level of effectiveness.
  • Determine other strategies that you would recommend to manage that conflict example.

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Financial evaluation of the compnay

hello this is a finacial review for a company 2 PDF files are inculded one says the question and the other is names AEIS company matrials 

The questions are needed to be answered fully using the formulas attached ( if needed ) based on the AEIS company metrials attached ( please only use this as a refrence ) 

please fill the below excel Intrinsic Share Price Value of Advanced Energy for advance 5 years too 

Finance homework help

2 DQ questions. Due within 3  hours. 

requriements: 100% orgainal, on time, good post. THx

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