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Financial markets homework help

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Part 1 Financial Management

building a brand

1. How is building a brand in a business-to-business context different from doing so in the consumer market?

2. Is Cisco’s plan to reach out to consumers a viable one? Why or why not?

Case study on Cisco. Support your answers with a minimum of one additional source per question that is no more than five years old.

BARBER MAKAYLA: Drawing upon utilitarian ethics, discuss

Please write a 5- to 6-page paper in which you address the following:

Drawing upon utilitarian ethics, discuss what you believe the supplier/transistor company should do.


 apply utilitarian ethics to an organizational problem. In order to be best prepared and perform well on the case assignments, please be surethat you complete the Background Information readings and the SLP before completing your Case.

Capstone class must use AT&T as business model


Assignment 3: Market Position Analysis

Throughout this course, you will conduct a strategy audit for a selected company. Begin this assignment by selecting an organization for your course project activities.

A+ Answers of the following Questions

Question 1

The closer the industry concentration ratio is to 100, the more likely it is that:

 A. there are a reasonably large number of medium-sized firms.

 B. this is an industry approaching perfect competition.

 C. there is a small number of large firms.

 D. price competition is being practiced.

Question 2 

Which is the least competitive?

 A. Overt collusion

 B. Covert collusion

Global Competitiveness and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Global Competitiveness and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Every country around the globe is competing for investments by multinational companies. However, before investing in a new facility overseas, each company takes a multitude of factors into account.


First, click here to review the latest Global Competitiveness Report from World Economic Forum.


A+ Answers of the following Questions

Question 1

X Business Corporation markets its products in three states. Under the Constitution’s commerce clause, Congress can regulate

a) any and all commercial activity in the United States.

b) only commercial activities that are in interstate commerce.

c) only commercial activities that are local.

d) only activities that have nothing to do with commerce.

Financial Reporting

Objective: This task requires you to prepare a report to evaluate information provided in the

annual report of a chosen company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Your

comments or evaluation should comply with the requirements of relevant Australian

accounting standards (AASBs). The report should address the points outlined below:

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