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Locate 2 Healthcare articles about balance sheets and share holder's equity

Locate at least two recent healthcare industry related articles about these financial terms: balance sheet, shareholder’s equity, EBITDA, EBITDAM, financial ethics, financial benchmarking, financial trend analysis, and ratio analysis.

Write a 700- to 1,000-word paper in APA format discussing the financial terms you have chosen and its application to healthcare finance. Your paper must include:

A brief summary of the articles

An explanation of the financial terms

The Finanicals

Business Plan Financials


SWOT Analysis

Please review assignment prior to sending handshake.


SWOT analysis for Apple


Mini SWOT analysis

Use 200-300 words per section for a total of 1,200 words.

There should be at least 10 items identified for Opportunities and Threats

2 page outline

This is a 2 part project.

The first part is a 2 page outline on a paper that will be written later.


Develop an outline to map out your research and writing process for your research assignment on Lafarge.

Business Model and Strategic Plan

I am looking for someone that can help me for the next 4 weeks of class. I have an assignment and each week an extra part will need to be complete as on week 5 a final project is due. 


The assignment for today is listed below


Financial Management Help


Word document of 500-800 words with attached Excel spreadsheet showing calculations


Multinational financial management

Please answer the question from this book ( Shapiro, Alan C., and Atulya Sarin, Foundations of Multinational Financial Management

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