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Answer the following Question

1.       What is the policy of import substitution? Has this policy worked for the developing countries? If not, what are the problems of this policy?

2.       Mention any two benefits of export promotion policy.

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The learning objectives encompass the following:


Objective 1: Describe and explain the mechanisms, dynamics and situational and social context of the criminal justice system in the United States, including the law, police, courts and corrections.

Objective 2: Identify and consider the effectiveness of various methods of prevention and treatment.

APA requirements

Imagine you have just been promoted to be the president of your company. You are tasked to create a culture that thrives on team building. You are also required to build a performance rewards program. Please compose a 6-7 page paper and evaluate the key skills required to recruit and build your new team. Incorporate strategies that you would utilize to encourage teamwork and how you would motivate employees through the new performance rewards program that you established. Your paper should follow APA requirements

Howard Corporation

Howard Corporation has two production departments. Curing

has 12,000 units in process at the beginning of the period,

three-fourths complete. During the period, 45,000 units were

received from Crushing, 48,000 units were transferred to

Finished Goods, and 9,000 units were in process at the end of

the period, 2/3 complete. Cost information was as follows:

Cost of beginning work in process:

Cost in Crushing $21,640

Cost in Curing:

Materials 8,810

Labor 1,190

Factory overhead 2,420

Costs during the month:

Short discussion question. international business


Read the Article: International Tax Reform For Dummies - Forbes 


In no less than 200 words, describe three of the described systems that are either currently used or proposed to ameliorate the burden of international double taxation. Indicate which of these is most advantageous to taxpayers and why this is so. Describe which of these systems is best in your view and why.

Short discussion question due tomorrow night. International Business

In no less than 200 words, provide an answer to the following. Alberta Alpha makes out a promissory note payable to Bob Bravura. Bob endorses the note “without recourse, Bob Bravura,” and transfers it for value to Cathy Charles. Cathy, in need of cash, negotiates the note to Dan Delta by endorsing it “pay to Dan Delta, Cathy Charles.” On the due date, Dan presents the note to Alberta, only to find out that Alberta has filed for bankruptcy and that she will have all of her debts (including the note) discharged. Can Dan hold Alberta, Bob and/or Cathy liable on the note?

perfecto - LASA 1—Business Analytics Implementation Plan Part 1


In learning about BA, you have covered quite a few topics from the manager’s decision-making process to technology integration. The best way to pull all of this knowledge together is to create a BA implementation plan for a hypothetical organization. This is something you would do in a real-life scenario if you came across an organization that does not utilize BA; as a professional, you would create the plan and then present it to management.


Description of LASA


Tutor Faith (Business Plan)

Must be 5 to 7 pages

APA Format

Reference Page needed


Must discuss future of business

Name of Business

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