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Traditional and ABC Costing: Cost per unit

Mathias Corporation produces and sells two types of sofa pillows: plain and fancy. Currently, Mathias uses a traditional costing system with direct labour hours as the allocation base. Actual hours for 2009 were 20,000.

Capital Planning Strategies

Using the attached Excel file, respond to the following questions:


the ABS Market

You are a finance employee at a financial institution, specializing in originating auto loans in a country where auto loans have only been available for 2 years. Your group has just been informed that a close competitor has securitized $150 million in auto loans through an investment bank.

Midterm Exam

What do you feel is the greatest movie of all times?

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Blog 3

For the past 90 years advertising and film have worked hand in hand to persuade to viewer to buy what they see in films (an TV).

Don't belive that? What did ET eat? I bet you can tell us even if you have not seen the film. And what candy company turned down that lucrative movie contract?*


For this post I want you to do 3 things (react- think- respond):

LASA 2—Conflict Management Report

Assignment 2: LASA 2—Conflict Management Report

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