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Financial markets homework help

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Read the case study titled “Missed Opportunities”, located in the online course shell.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

Multiple Choice

1. The firm should accept independent projects if:

A. the NPV is greater than the discounted payback.

Multiple Choice

Question 1

If government bonds pay 8.5% interest and insured savings accounts pay 5.5% interest, stockholders in a moderately risky firm would expect return-on-equity values of:

A. 5.5%.

B. 6.5%.

C. 12%.

D. above 8.5%, but the exact amount is uncertain.

Communication Integration

Communication Integration

Communication is challenging in any setting. With the addition of cultural factors, communication becomes much 

more challenging. One way for communication to fluently flow through an organization is to establish clear 

communication channels. Organizational charts are often used to depict reporting structures and communication 

channels. As a result of an international acquisition or merger, it is necessary to restructure the organizational chart 

and communication channels.

Multiple Choice

Question 1   

When government expenditures in a given year exceed tax receipts, there exists: 

A. a budget surplus. 

B. a budget deficit. 

C. public revenue. 

D. full-employment taxation. 



Question 2   

Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following will result from a stock repurchase? (Points : 1) 

A Earnings per share will rise.

B Number of shares will increase.

C Corporate cash is conserved.

D Ownership is diluted.



2. The final approval of a dividend payment comes from (Points : 1) 

A the controller.

International Business

400 words- Original piece please


Research a real product, and explain how it is a product of denationalization including the following:

  • How marketing costs are lower and show new market opportunities were created
  • How it helped income all year round, benefited the local market, and reduced expenses
  • How it used local technology and the effect it had on other production inputs

Be sure to also include a response to the following questions:

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