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Financial markets homework help

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Hi Peter.


I’ve looked at your Lac Leman and EcoSecurities case submissions and wanted to send you extensive feedback AND check in about the rest your outstanding assignments. 


Assume that the team has been appointed as speech writers for the Speaker of the House. The team must write a speech which the Speaker must deliver about the current state of the U.S. macroeconomy to a number of amateur reporters who are unfamiliar with economics.


Using Financial Ratios to Assess Organizational Performance : Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Using Financial Ratios to Assess Organizational 


Due Week 6 and worth 240 points

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for BABER MAKYLA Module 5 Managing the Organization Structure

Module 5 - Case

Managing the Organization's Structure


After finishing with the background page and readings, go to the following interview with Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who is a renowned Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and an influential business advisor. Among other things, in this interview she talks about the evolution of changes in organizational structure in the past decades, and the link to employees’ well-being and functioning.

for BABER MAKYLA Module 4 Leaders and leadership


Module 4 - Case

Leaders and Leadership


George Latour is attempting to lead and coach a new employee, Shelly Stern. The relationship quickly goes downhill as George's leadership style runs afoul of Shelly's sense of professionalism.

Required Reading

Fryer, B., Goodnight, J., Goulston, M., Lawrie, J. M. & Chappelow, C. (2004). The Micromanager. Harvard Business Review, 82(9), 31-39.

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