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Financial markets homework help

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Find a Web site that has an “About Us” section or a “Press Release” section. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper addressing the following:

1. Identify the Web site, the sender, and perceived receiver.

2. Analyze the integrated business communication.

3. Assess the media richness of the section.

4. Describe how the message is framed.

5. Identify opinion leaders.

6. Make recommendations for improving word choice.

I need tutorial for two business exam

this business student looking for tutor to do my two final exams one is principle business other one is business manging in global economy its American business it has 50 question for each and it will be colsed by midnight. please let me know as soon as possible

Final Assignment

Speccy-the-prof, please accept the assignment. Answer your questions in an Excel or Word document. Show all calculations.

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