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Finance homework help

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Multiple Choice

Question 1


When government expenditures in a given year exceed tax receipts, there exists:


A. a budget surplus.    


B. a budget deficit.    


C. public revenue.    


D. full-employment taxation.  

Multiple Choice

Question 1


Which statement is true about the Malthusian theory?


A. It predicts that famine can easily be averted.    


B. It is an application of the law of diminishing returns.    


C. It is unduly optimistic.    


Multiple Choice

Question 1


Which group has the highest poverty rate from among these groups?


A. Children under 18    


B. Persons over 65    


C. White males    


D. Members of working class families   

Multiple Choice

Question 1


Virtually all  LDCs spend a major part of their budgets on


A. medical care.    


B. family planning programs.    


C. implementing improved technology.    


D. armaments. 

Multiple Choice

Question 1


Which of the following would not be expected to increase labor productivity?


A. Technological advance    


B. The acquisition of more education and training by the labor force    


C. An increase in the size of the labor force    

Multiple Choice

Question 1

William Julius Wilson believes that the rise of black urban poverty was caused by each of the following except


A. the rise of welfare dependency.    


B. racism.    


C. the decline of smokestack industries.    


Multiple Choice

Question 1


Classical economists believed that:


A. if saving exceeded investment, prices and interest rates would rise as business accumulated unwanted inventories.    


B. flexible prices and wages could not restore an economy to full employment if the interest rate were rigid.    


Multiple Choice

Question 1


Which can be negative?


A. Only the nominal rate of interest    


B. Only the real rate of interest    


C. Both the nominal and real rates of interest    


Multiple Choice

Question 1


What does NOT occur in a fully employed economy?


A. Cyclical unemployment    


B. Discouraged workers    


C. Frictional unemployment    


D. Structural unemployment   

Multiple Choice

Question 1


In 1973 the OPEC countries:


A. lowered the price of oil by 50%.    


B. raised the price of oil by 50%.    


C. doubled the price of oil.    


D. quadrupled the price of oil.   

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