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Finance homework help

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article review

an attached article and i want a review of it  in one paper Doc APA :

and the and the article review should be formated like following :

BIBLIOGRAPHIC CITATION (Title, Author(s), Source, Date)



Read Questions below they belong on a excel spreadsheet

1. The Artist’s Palette recognizes that students may purchase supplies at the beginning of the term to cover all of their art class needs. Because this could represent a fairly substantial outlay,  the Artist’s Palette offers discounts to those students who pay sooner than required. Assume that if students buy more than $250 of art supplies in one visit, they may put it on a student account with terms of 2/10, n/30. If a student purchases $250 of supplies on September 16, what amount is due by September 26? How much would the student save by paying early?


FIN 5400

Mergers and Acquisitions" Please respond to the following:

FIN 540,

Convertible Bonds" Please respond to the following:

  • * From the e-Activity, recommend two actions that the selected company can take in order to optimize its capital structure. Provide a rational for your recommendation.
  • Predict two (2) ways in which the change of convertible bonds from bonds to equity can impact a firm’s income statement and balance sheet. Determine two (2) reasons why a firm sometimes prefers to issue convertible bonds, as opposed to solely issuing equity.

Tax Shields" Please respond to the following:

Comprehensive Case Template

3-5 pages in length single spaced, answering the following questions:

1. Given the current stock price for your company, are they overvalued or undervalued? Why?

2. Which valuation model(s)(See excel) did you use to arrive

at this conclusion?

Capital Budgeting

Prepare a 700-1050 word paper on Capital Budgeting in which you respond to the following: "In the capital budgeting decision we determine the annual cash flows from an investment and compare them to the initial outlay."


Finance FOR AccountingMaster ONLY

The assignment was sent in a private message. 

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