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Finance homework help

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task 4 second part only

Objectives: 309.3.2-01: Determine the critical path identified by a given PERT/CPM analysis. 309.3.2-02: Utilize PERT analysis to determine the probability that a given project will meet a specified deadline for completion. 309.3.2-03: Determine slack time for a given project activity. 309.3.2-04: Determine scheduled start time for a given project activity. 309.3.2-05: Determine scheduled completion time for a given project activity.

Finance Questions

1. Basic present value calculations

Finance Questions

1. Which of the following would result in a decrease in cash flow and a use of cash?

A. A decrease in notes payable B. An increase in long-term debt C.

Job Value Costing

You seemed to develop significant interest with your talk on the future of cost accounting. Your boss has heard about the excellent presentation and you are hopeful that your early retirement will take place.

Finance paper help

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