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Environmental Science

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will investigate the biotic and abiotic structure and function of an ecosystem. You will also investigate how ecosystems recover from disturbance naturally and through human restoration.


Choose 1 of the following ecosystems:


Tropical rainforest


Coral reef



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Current Epidemiological Studies: Critical Review

For your dropbox assignment, using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research and select three current epidemiological studies regarding risk factors that are associated with any health problem. You can also use the following websites to search for studies as they are often used as the major sources of information for health research and often report on the most current health problems affecting the United States and global populations:

Review of Article “HazMat Emergencies: Decontamination and Victim Chain of Survival”

Review of Article “HazMat Emergencies: Decontamination and Victim Chain of Survival”



350 words essay about the cheeta as an endangered animal (mammal)




what animal is chosen (cheeta)


how long it has been endangered or threatened


what has contributed to the animals endangered or threatened status


why it is important to save from extinction


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Head-to-Toe Assessment

Head-to-Toe Assessment

You have performed assessments of different parts of the body as part of your application assignments. For this assignment, perform a complete head-to-toe assessment. Your analysis should include the following:


This week's environmental controversy focuses on bottled water in terms of its health, safety, and financial issues. People disagree on whether government or private groups should be designated to promote healthier water. What is your position? Review the background information. Then using the references along with resources from your own research, write a 2-page response to the questions below. Remember to cite your sources using proper APA format. 

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