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Environmental science homework help

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Construction Project Management and Quantity Surveying Construction Process Management


This work is to be carried out individually, both tasks to be completed by all students. Part A and Part B have equal marks allocated.

Part A:

Construction Safety 5 Questions

Must have access to course textbook Goetsch, D. L. (2010). Construction Safety and the OSHA standards. Boston, MA: Prentice Hall. Please confirm.


See attachment for questions and instructions.

Occupational Safety & Health-Hazardous Material Management - 6 questions

Must have access to course textbook (please confirm): Haight, J. M. (Ed.). (2012). Hazardous material management and hazard communication. Des Plaines, IL: American Society of Safety Engineers.


Occupational Safety & Health - Interactions of Hazardous Materials Homework: 12 questions

Only respond if you have access to the course textbook: Chemistry of hazardous materials, fifth edition by Eugene Meyer, Person Education. Please list refernce after each written question. See attachment with questions.




Occupational Safety & Health Question - Construction Safety - 3 Questions

Must have access to courseTextbook: Goetsch, D. L. (2010). Construction Safety and the OSHA standards. Boston, MA: Prentice Hall.


Please list references after answer to each question.


Madam-professor only

Paper 1

In the handout, choose one question from each chapter, for a total of six questions.

  1. Write a short essay to answer each question you selected.  The essays are to be double spaced, and approximately a half to a full page in length each.  Many of the questions contain several parts, so make sure that you have answered all parts of the question, as well as done any drawings requested.




Social Performamce of Organizations BUS 475


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