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Environmental science homework help

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3 pages literature review

need 3 pges in the usage of nanotechnology in energy

air and water

Ecology due now please exam already opened

1. Johnson & Johnson, a major health and beauty manufacturer, recently announced a commitment to eliminate forest destruction from its palm oil supply.

Current Event in Environmental studies

Topic is : Selct an isaland  country and explain the effect of cimate change on the ecosysyems, land mass, human population, the culture of the people, and the economic impacts of the society. che


Powerpont 12 slides and 4 cartoons.


check the attachment




Environmental Science

Considering that human impacts on the environment, and the fact that habitat change – primarily habitat destruction -- due to human activity is the most significant pressure that plant and animal species face today, many people are concerned about how the environmental system may or may not provide for our needs in the future. This concern can seem abstract, but it has the potential to affect us here at home.

lab report

a.     Project Description: In December 2007 there was an explosion at a home in northern Ohio which resulted in significant damage.  Thereafter natural gas appeared in several water wells of several homes

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