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Environmental science homework help

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As you have read, water pollution comes in many forms and is a major threat to environmental sustainability. Discuss the difference between point and nonpoint source water pollution, providing a specific example of each. Furthermore, air pollution can lead to a variety of environmental consequences such as the production of acid rain. Discuss at least two causes of acid rain and two of the environmental or health consequences caused by this problem.

Engineering material essay

I simply have HW. I got the essay from my friend. The only thing i need from you to revise the essay change the words and keep the same ideas and main concepts. I only need to make it look better with different words. 


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Directions: Find an example of a symbiotic relationship in nature that has not been covered in your book or lecture.  Describe what is exchanged between the organisms and how it is mutually beneficial.  Please write a 3 to 5 page position paper describing this relationship.




SCENARIO # 2: Serious Near-Miss Crane Incident

Case Study Scenarios 

Instructions: For Scenario # 1 AND # 2, you are required to discuss a sequential Action Plan on your part that addresses all of the issues presented. It should be a minimum of about 700-800 words (that's about 3-4 pages when double spaced, 12 pt type, 1” margins) and must follow the APA formatting guidelines.


Matlab Expert in Steam Power Plant Design

Looking for a Mechanical engineering student to help fix Matlab code in Power Plant design. 

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