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speech class homework about commemorative speach?

commemorative speach about my grand father and how he pushed me to study in USA . 


Major Paper #3--Summary/Response



Major Paper #3--Summary/Response


Business class assignment

Due 4/30/2015


I have already done an assignment on Unilever, so that company and industry is not an option.


Write 5 pages Research paper

Write 5 pages research paper about MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems), must be 100% plagiarism free, Due after 30 hours, I will provide a narrow topic to write about.


Using an industry insider site such as TV by the Numbers, Variety, or Nielsen, track one month's worth of ratings for any show on television. (It does NOT need to be this month or last, so long as you can find the information.) Record the rating and the share for a month (approximately 4 weeks) worth of episodes.


I need 3 sources about the Arctic wolves.

The first source about how global warming affecting the Arctic wolves?

Second source, what are the things that are connected with this problem? ( like how other kinds of animals or places)

The third one, Discribe how oil industry ( drilling oil ) are affecting the Arctic wolves and melting the ice?


It has to be specifec


Each source has to have a 250 word explaining the source with all information, and a work cited for each source.

Who can help me with research paper for english 122?

I need a re search paper with 9 or 10 pages included citation page in the 9 or 10 pages and at least 6 sources that 2 of them are journal studies. The professor is very very very strict and hard on checking on paper. So my topic is about how video games affects children negativly with thier acadmic life. That is video games leads to bad grades at school and leads to poor acadmic achievment. I will give you the sources I have from the professor but make sure that you included 2 journal studies. Use MLA fromat. Do quotation and paraphrasing please.

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