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English homework help

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only for proffessor 2013




the question is :


Note:  This is due midweek so you have time to make adjustments with the feedback provided.

english summary

chapter 16 and 17, each chapter choice one subtopic write 500 words summary.

research log (body log)

fill for me the research log. I attached for you the research log and my research.

you will read "Why Won't Anyone Give Me a Credit Card?" on pages 523 - 525 in Dialogues: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader. Then, write a paragraph response for questions 1 and 2 on page 525, resulting in two total paragraphs.

Make sure to thoroughly think about your response and support it with evidence from the text. Responding to these types of articles in the form of a rhetorical analysis accomplishes two things: 1) it gives you practice reading and analyzing articles, and 2) it gives you the opportunity to put your analytical thoughts into words.

PhD Only

5-6 pages research


Everything in the attachment.

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