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English homework help

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i need a 400 word essay in which you develop an argument recommending a book or movie you regard as one of the best you have encountered or one that has a positive impact on your life 

I need A HSA paper and a Eng paper done

I have attached a copy of the syllubas for both papers.  Please on the HSA paper, try and use the references I provided under the supplemental resources per the teacher request.  If you cant find any information use your own references.

300 word reflection : APA STYLE

Reflect on the influence and effect of health care in your life. What questions or concerns have you developed about health care delivery in the United States? Think about your experiences in one or more of the following roles:

MLA form. adding a page

MLA form.. I need to add one page( respond) to what i have written about the documantry ... i dont want it to be so perfect but i need it to be understandable and to be in tune with my ideas... 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QE4Ld1mkoM this is the link of wha i should write...


English research paper. Gender equality

Hello there,

Please look at the hw attached. 

Also, note that I included a rough draft for you to pick up from and continue. 

Please make sure you use the 5 articles included in the rough draft and extend from whatever you like. Citing must be included as specified in the hw attachment paper.

business writing

Please write a one-page letter; the letter should convince someone to do something that will be mutually beneficial to your company ( a guitar shop). For example, let's say that a neighboring business is blocking the alleyway between your two businesses, preventing the delivery people from getting access to your delivery area. Write a letter that demonstrates how it will help both of your companies if the neighbor doesn't block the entrance. 

Work Cite Exercise

Works Cited Exercise (Due by Oct. 31 8:30 am)


Works Cited Exercise


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