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English homework help

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Visual Element in Presentation

While APA-style citation and format is required, you do have the flexibility in the design of your Course Project to include a visual element. Review Chapter 17, pp. 382–387. How does the use of visual elements enhance or detract from the presentation of research? Will you add graphs, charts, or images to your draft?

6 Page Essay

6 page Essay on a Healthcare topic, has to tie in with Health Administraton in a papragraph. 

 for example, need 4-5 sources. APA format. 


Affordable Healthcare Act, Changes in Law and how that will effect Health Administrators

Affordable Healthcare Act, How it will effect Medical Marijuana, and the effect that will have on Health Administraotrs 


Can I have help creating an outline for an essay about "The primary purpose for school"?

I need to write an essay about what i think the Primary purpose for school is i have an intro with my thesis but am in need of help on what i can do next. How can i structure it?

need in 2 hours


For movie class

i want 2 short story answer the 2 stories in each question , easy and short 

English 2 assignments - for Suraya only

22-24 hours max

2 assignments - as discussed

Final Ethics Paper

Details will be provided once I choose someone. 


Payment will be made in full on the handshake

English 2 assignments - for TinselWriter only

12 hours max

2 assignments to be done - as discussed already

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