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English homework help

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For fortified

Compose a New Criticism analysis of “forgiving my father,” by Lucille Clifton. Use the appropriate vocabulary suggested for this literary mode (i.e. voice, speaker, tone, point of view, irony, . You must use excerpts from the text to support your claims.


The paper must be four pages in length (not including title and reference pages) and formatted according the APA style

kim woods

plz write 1 paragraph conclusion in the last. 5~6 row is okay and plz submit before tmr 11:00pm 



my project is about cardboard chair


i jusr want you to do the reflection ( I attached )



Computer Science report, needs some grammar corrections.

Hello there, 

I need someone to go over a report I've written about computer scince Database. I want someone who can go over what I wrote and correct any grammer errors, punctuations, and add sentesces where needed. 

respond essay

respond essay 


Summary point one; agree/disagree

Summary point two; agree/disagree

Summary point three; agree/disagree

Conclusion . 


This is the article http://freepressonline.com/main.asp?SectionID=52&SubSectionID=78&ArticleID=16162


for A-pro_writer

Write 2 pages about my visit to Down Town Los Angeles art walk visit. I did not go so try to read the instructions and then find some information online. I attached the instructions. Due in 9 hours  

phyllis young

write conclusion plz

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