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English homework help

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i want a writer

i have attached a file that you need to read and take strong and firm stand about one side of the topic , i want it to be 600 words


first homework # 1

second Doc26 & Doc27

Research paper on DO GHOSTS EXIST?



Instructions for completing the paper are as follows : Section 1 : one word "yes" or "no" suffices. Simply say how you will answer the question.



LP6.1 Assignment: Cause/Effect First Draft

Directions: For this assignment, you will write a paper using the cause and effect strategy (refer to page 244 in your textbook for suggested topics). Write your essay in a Word document. Your essay should include the following elements:


I have attached a discusssion that i found and would like for it to be rephrase using your own thoughts but keeping all references and in-text citation.


1–2 paragraphs describing how interpersonal communication skills influence the structure of relationships. Include examples of personal and/or observed experiences to illustrate your points.


2 page paper (Interview Format)

Attached below is the assignment i need to do...

Due THURSDAY at 8:00 PM


Make up an interview, and make up quotes by the person.

Make up apendix of 20 questions

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