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Anticipating readers’ objections is one way to determine what other sections to include and support in your paper. Practice writing a rebuttal or a refutation by taking your thesis and considering the point of view of someone who believes differently or even the opposite of the argument you are making. To do this, review Chapter 10, pp. 449–452 and post a paragraph that summarizes an oppositional point of view to your thesis and then refutes it.


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For Genius

This 10-12 page argumentative paper is the culminating project of this course and is tied to the article review and the annotated bib

politics related paper

watch the game change movie provide your reaction to the film with attention to the McCain/Palin campaign operation and the strategies employed to optimize Palin's placement on the ticket.  Then select one hypothetical campaign for 2016: either Hilary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primary; or, Hilary Clinton vs. Carly Fiorina in the Presidential race.


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Write Your own Fairy Tale

Step 1

Decide what lesson your fairy tale is going to teach before you write it. At their core, fairy tales are morality tales from the horror of stepmothers to not talking to strangers. They are generally teaching something and yours should do the same.

Step 2

Create a good character. A fairy tale needs someone to root for. They don’t have to be perfect. Just think Jack in “Jack and the Beanstalk” or Red in “Little Red Riding Hood” but your readers should like them and want them to succeed.

Step 3

English paper outline

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business capstone

Your company, Rasmussen Consulting, was hired by MovieFlix, a company that provides subscription service for on-demand Internet streaming media and DVD-by-mail within the U.S. You are the consultant that Rasmussen has decided to assign the MovieFlix case to.

To begin your assignment you will need to select one of the business problems described in the "Capstone Project Introduction" page. To complete your assignment, you will need to do the following:

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