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English homework help

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Need 050814

Part 1 (250 words)

For your initial post, submit a discussion of at least 250 words discussing your experience with this class. Be sure that your essay answers the following three questions:

Fabled Narrative Assignment- 500 WORDS OR MORE

Please open the two documents attached to find the assignment and its requirements.  The first one contains the instructions on what needs to be done, the second one contains a sample assignment of the same nature.


Please no plagiarism as I would be submitting via Turnitin. I will first of all check with the plagiarism checker on this website before paying. Thanks


Essay about major

5 hours

In this paper, you should make a strong and clear argument about race and class in the American South, focusing on William Faulkner's novel The Sound and The Fury.  The length of the paper should be 3300 words (MLA style).

Profile essay

Need someone to write a profile essay for Happiness


Please profile a grateful person that is around you,(friends or others), gives the incident or story(the contents) to proof him/her. 


No plagiarism*****

require a thesis and conclusion of your view about happiness,at least 5 paragraph(with evidences),3 full typed pages, double space, format is like the attachment below.



Fact and Value Thesis paper

the subject that i need is in circle.

1 of the source should be from the book

u will find the book on the Attachments

argumentative research essay

Hello, I need help with my final essay.


The instruction is in attachment. Please read and follow it very carefully.


This is my final essay. Please take it very seriously.


Thank you very much.

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