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Inventory Target Setting at Procter & Gamble

Project Instructions:

Read and complete the following Application Case.

mainstream American culture

Which subcultures or counter-cultures do you personally belong to? What makes your group(s) a subculture; explain why you see this as a subculture? How do your group's norms, values, clothing style, foods, language and beliefs compare to the mainstream American culture? How would you describe your group's relationship with the mainstream culture; to what degree is your group accepted or not accepted by the mainstream?


250 word discussion post--today please. Make sure you put in the dq that the research paper focused around recent Civil Rights in the Mississppi Area


How do you define Mississippi?

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ENG Paper

While APA-style citation and format is required, you do have the flexibility in the design of your Course Project to include a visual element. Review Chapter 17, pp. 382–387. How does the use of visual elements enhance or detract from the presentation of research? Will you add graphs, charts, or images to your draft? Why or why not?

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