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English homework help

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Much can be learned from analyzing those that have failed and those that have flourished during the same time period and under similar circumstances.Imagine that you are the CEO of the failed organization before the business failure took place. You now have the opportunity to lead the organization in a change process to prevent the impending failure:Describe the steps you will follow to implement the organizational change based on John Kotter's 8-step plan for implementing change. Also include a concclusion for the paper.

english 5 articles needs to summraize them


I have 5 articles that I want them to be summrazie each of them by one paragraph with individual files.

Every article is about 1 page to summrazie it 

Every paragraph had to be atleast 3 sentences or more


do a revise on this paper 


please add up quotes in each paragraphs 


Grammer Awareness

For each of the following five sentences:

(i) Identify the verb phrase.

(ii) Name the structure.

(iii) Label the parts of the structure.

(iv) Describe the functional meaning conveyed by the verb in the sentence.


English Writing : 400 to 500 words

DO NOT USE THESE TOPICS: Healthcare, Gun Control, Marijuana legalization, Abortion, Death Penalty, Stem Cell Research, & Same sex marriage
To be clear, the intent of this essay is not to argue for or against the content; instead, we are analyzing what the article does in terms

English Writing 12 hours

Need to write this 250 word article.The source is attached


Speaker notes powerpoint needs to have a recorded speaker note

3-5 slide PowerPoint Presentation with recorded 1-3 minute speech.
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