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EDU 695 MAED Capstone Week 1 Assignment

This paper will be a lesson plan for grades K-6 focusing on Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The paper will need to meet the standards listed below and also in the attachments.  The paper will need to be three pages longs.  

revise paper assignment wizard

Make revisions based on peer reviews from fellow classmates of your Case Study Analysis Paper. For each of the comments, submit a list of the changes you made to your paper based on the feedback. If you choose not to make the recommended changes, submit a list that offers justification for not making the peer revisions.

bus 600 week 3 assignment

Most of us have situations in which we find it difficult to communicate. Improving your written communication skills and being comfortable speaking to people are extremely important. Develop a two- to three-page APA-formatted paper in which you analyze your personal communication skills. Be sure to address the following:

Course Project Part 1: Informative Speech Outline


Course Project Part 1: Informative Speech Outline


COM115 Course Project


The outline is one of the most central elements necessary for a good oral presentation. Outlines should include several major elements:


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two summary response.. five pages per summary response.

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1 help



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