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ESE 697 Week 5 assignment

Lesson Plan #5: Vocabulary or Content Area

As you have learned in this fifth week of class, it is essential to understand how to plan for effective vocabulary and content area instruction for students with disabilities. In the classroom, it is important for all lesson plans to not only integrate effective strategies for instruction and accommodations for students with disabilities, but to also align with Common Core State Standards.





Select an organization you work for or one in your chosen field.

Conduct online research on the ethics of your organization and the industry it belongs to.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper describing how ethical principles can address organizational issues. Include the organization you selected and discuss the following with regards to that organization and its industry: 

What role do external social pressures have in influencing organizational ethics?

ESE 697 Week 4 assignment

Lesson Plan #4: Mathematics

As you have learned in this fourth week of class, it is essential to understand how to plan for effective mathematics instruction for students with disabilities.

introduction to ethics

Machiavelli claims that politicians should avoid flattery in order to make properer decisions. Do you think Machiavelli is right?

ESE 697 Week 3 Assignment

Lesson Plan #3: Writing and Spelling

As you have learned this week, it is essential to plan for quality instruction in the areas of writing and spelling for students with disabilities. Lesson Plan #3 will focus on using effective, research-based strategies for teaching writing or spelling to students with disabilities.

comparison/contrast essay

In my book The McGraw-Hill Guide page 443 in the paragraph Writing about Comparisons and Contrast, I read the writing prompt of the second bullet point, I have to  write a 500 words my essay (not a email or letter) based on the writing prompt

poetry explication

I need a poetry explication done 2 FULL pages double spaced making use of poetry terms that ill attach. I need it by 10 am tomorrow please. It can be a sylvia plath poem of your choice

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