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English homework help

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Discussion Question

"Analyzing Essays that Offer Solutions to Problems"  Please respond to the following:


  • Read the three essays in Chapter 11 (“The Nursing Crisis; The Solution Lies Within,” “An Open Letter to the Community,” and “Request for a Work Schedule Change.”) Analyze the arguments and compare the effectiveness of their thesis statements, proposed solutions, and evidence. 

  • Identify which one you think is most effective. Explain.


1 page

response to an article

summarize "does fatherhood make you happy" daniel gilbert article in a half page double spaced then begin your thesis statement about one claim in the article ( response only for one claim not to all the article) in the response you have to mention a narrative memory supporting the thesis statment. the summary is half a page and the response a page and a half all double spaced.



  1. Out of the leading causes of death in the United States, which 4 are diet related?
  2. List the different classes of Nutrients.
  3. What does it mean to be a macronutrient?


Please Paraphrase it 



HCA305 Medicare Debate

The Medicare system is currently undergoing a dramatic shift, as the number of people participating is increasing, which in turn has enormous consequences for how it is funded.  Some argue that Medicare spending is out of control and will result in a collapse of the system if nothing changes, while others claim the system is doing well and is meeting the needs of the millions of Americans who have no other health care.

key concept

Part of catalog which is (deadlines for graduation) i want to paraphrase it to me ( why its important for me )




i need just paraphrase

I need to paraphrase this outline .


Strategic Planning

6 pages. due in 48 hours.


Leadership class.

I am looking for someone ready to help me to fininsh this assigemant . 

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