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Post a response to one or more of the videos. Pick a passage, an idea, an argument -- anything that stimulates you to say something about sound-centric video -- and tell us about it: why is it interesting or resonant or wrong? 





-there are 3 drawing picture attached and introducation guide.


-the essay will be about these 3 pictures .


    * for the intoduction check attachement ( take the intro from it ) 

   1.dislike the art picture and why.

    2. like the art picture and why.

    3. took may attention and why.


the essay should have, 4-5 pages MlA style 

Art Paper

Your assignment is to write a formal response to this work. By carefully describing subject matter, medium, form, and context, you should be able to arrive at a thoughtful well -defended interpretation of the piece. (1) Describe it . Thoroughly. If it is representational, what is the subject matter depicted? If it is non -representational, say so. What does it look like? What is the medium? Have we studied/do you know anything about the process that resulted in the work? What size is it? Is it a 2 -dimensional or 3 -dimensional piece? Which formal elements stand out to you?


I want abstract one page for my essay with MLA format.

paraphrase and then rewrite it again

paraphrase and then rewrite it again.

dot change the meaning.

mke it perfect.


Reading Response

Two reflections, one page each and one page reading response

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