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English homework help

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research Paper

Nov 28: Two (2) Possible Thesis Statements due.

A-plus writer

i will send to you 3 pictures, i want you to write about them like : one of them you like it and why, the other one you didn't like it and why, the third one you returned to the gallery to see it again and why you returned?


For the introduction:

i will be sending you another document that has an introduction, i want you to summarize the introduction in one paragraph as the introduction of the paper. then start explaining the other three pictures.

Edit my essay

I need someone who's good at editing an essay for my english class. This essay is about a political cartoon that we have to interpret and explain what was used in this essay to attract the attention of readers. My essay is 4 pages long and need someone who can edit and work on the comments that my Prof wrote on my essay .

only for expert researcher

i need to answer the 3 questions one of them as soon as u can if can this week

Challenges in the Global Business Environment

Assignment 2: Challenges in the Global Business Environment

Due Week 8 and worth 280 points

Write a 1000 essay that addresses qualities of leadership.

Write a 1000 essay that addresses qualities of leadership. What is the relationship between integrity and leadership? Please include in your writing your own definition of Integrity and whether those in leadership roles are assumed to have (or demonstrate) integrity. Provide examples- contemporary or historical, fictional or factual- might you use to illustrate leadership qualities.


Must be in MLA format.

speech anaylsis

Watch a speech on Ted.com and write 500 words speech analysis

For Researcher_D

portfilos, MLA Style


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