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Read the file "Why do I have to take this course." and write a reflection paper. 


refer to the attachemnt and write two pages of why do i have to take this course




Attached are the instructions to this assignment.


can you give feedback to my classmate ( this not an essay) 100-150 word please

There have been many research studies indicating whether or not babies are pre-wired for survival. This article describes how they somewhat are and parents are their primary survival tool. From the moment babies are born, their body informs them that they are able to breathe, eat digest.

narrative essay

 Write a personal narrative about a chaotic time or event that you experienced with your family.  Write a short personal narrative essay of no more than 1.5 pages.  You should have five well developed paragraphs consisting of an introduction, conclusion, and at least 3 body paragraphs.   Remember to use the correct format, grammar, and mechanics -  though not harshly, you will be graded on these!

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one page english paper

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