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Assignment 1: Marketing Plan Part F: Final Marketing Plan

ssignment 1: Marketing Plan Part F: Final Marketing Plan

Due Week 10 and worth 200 points

Final Project Milestone

Week 2 Final Project Milestone

Assignment: Final Project Milestone

For your Final Project, you will write a first-person narrative essay that is similar in tone and style to the types of essays featured in the Muller text. To help you organize your thoughts for the essay, the Weeks 2–4 Final Project Milestone assignments contribute to the Final Project and will be graded.

To prepare:

•Read as many essays from different sections of the assigned text as you are able. 

Research Project – Part 2

Research Project – Part 2




General questions Final Project 20 PAGES

It is project questionnaire. All you need is to answer the question has number next to it. Make Brief and simple.

The name of the company is : Watson Pharmaceuticals


Final Course Project

please remember that throughout the course we have focused on a series of policies and viewpoints, organizations and institutions, that shape and influence Financial and Banking systems. Drawing upon the text, the videos, and articles to date, please write a 3 to 5 page paper that describes a banking system that you would design/recommend that could withstand the circumstances that caused the financial meltdown of 2008.

Assignment: Final Project-

Week 5 Project

Assignment: Final Project

The Final Project that you started in Week 1 is due by Day 7 of this week. Please be sure your project meets the specified criteria before submitting it.

English Final Project-12 PAGES

Writing your own book!




                      Your book must have the following elements:


                     *  An Original Cover 


                     *  Title/Title Page


Week 4 Final Project Milestone

Week 4 Final Project Milestone

Required Resources Readings

•Muller, G. H. (2014). The new world reader: Thinking and writing about the global community (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. 

oChapter 7, "Culture Wars: Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?"

oChapter 8, "The Clash of Civilizations: Is Conflict Avoidable?" (pp. 262–279) 

oChapter 10, "Global Aid: Can We Reduce Disease and Poverty?" (pp. 327–343) 

oChapter 11, "The Fate of the Earth: Can We Preserve the Global Environment?" (pp. 344–366) 

Final Project-Purpose is to create visual (powerpoint) to compliment, or coincide with final project paper provided

2)Visual component:  Please create a visual representation of a plan for reaching “happiness” based on the values and practices expressed in your response to Question B above. The visual representation can be in the form of a collage, a “vision board,” or any other expression of your plan that includes both words and visuals; it may be digitally or non- digitally created.

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