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English homework help

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Dennis Wright

Assignment 1: Introductory Description of Problem and Thesis


 Commas and Semicolons. For this posting, I’d like you first to scan the two pertinent sections in LB on commas and semicolons. Look especially for usage rules that you hadn’t been familiar with before or that you’d known before but been uncertain about how to actually carry them out.


Cause-Effect Discussion: Pinpointing causes and effects and why the results are significant. We'll do this in a kind of They Say/


Paper and graphic organizer needed. Info attached.


Compare essay.

please read what I attached first carefully.

Today I just need 1 and half page for the preview.

the is essay about comparing who talking more in the public and home men or women.

I need it 2:00pm or before.

work cited paper


I have 5website sources. and I want you to write as work cited for me MLA format itsdue after one hour.

also add and correct the rest resorces in the paper. all togther 10 recources 




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