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Information Literacy Skills

Now that you have a better idea of the qualities to look for in evaluating information literacy, it is time to select an assignment that demonstrates your information literacy skills. Taking a look back at work you have completed for courses thus far, what assignment is the best demonstration of your information literacy expertise? Use the rubric included in Evaluating Information Literacy Skills to identify best example of information literacy you have and submit it as your assignment.










Describe the ethical theory that you have studied in this course that differs the most from what you consider to be feminist ethical thinking.  Utilizing the readings and media from the course, explain specific components of the theories that demonstrate the differences between the theory you choose and feminist theory.

ITB 300 Week 5 Discussion CAN BE VERY Brief

"International Management Strategies" Please respond to the following:


in 200 words or more..

1/  do you use twitter ?if so , how often do you tweet , and what do you tweet about ? if not , explain why you chose not to participate in this social medium 



2/ when you post something online , do you think carefully about what you are about to post and how it might sound to others ? do you and react to your post ? or do you shoot from the hip , writeing whatever comes to mind ? explain 

social networking

in 200 words or more


which social networking sites do you currently use? have you ever switched from one site to another? if so , what were the reasons behind the switch ? if not , why have you remained loyal to your original site ? 

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