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i have two homework. one is for Ling210, you have to watch two videos and then write a paper 400 words.  second is for my CS121 Word lap, Exel lap, PowerPoint lap, Access lap. those homework need you to go to my college account to see the guideline. THANK YOU. willing to pay 40$ 


Read the article and describe:


What role you believe corporate governance plays in making more effective strategic decisions.


Two Copies for this assignment


APA style




3 business papers


(1) Corporate Scial Responsibility is Good because there is a positive impact on employees & corporate performance. (200 words)


(2)Corporate Scial Responsibility is Bad because some coporations use CSR as a "Greenwashing Machine".(200 words)


2. Case study (500 words)

Read the An English Teacher in South Korea

   - Define the problem

   - List concepts & frameworks that apply

   - Identify relevant data

   - Analyze & describe result


nursing questions

1. As you recall, our older patient, Red Yoder, with whom you met in Week 2, is preparing for discharge from the hospital since his wound required intravenous antibiotics and wound care. Jon (Red’s son) thinks that Red should move in with him for now, but Red is sure he is able to care for himself and insists that his confusion was due to the fact that he did not have his glasses or hearing aids for the last week.

need this assingment asp

nit VII Web Assignment

Part II

In Part I of this assignment, you investigated and analyzed the attractions and focus of a specific destination. In Part II, you will investigate the DMO and the efforts of the organization.

Ashford discussion week 3

Choose either Option A or Option B. Formulate an initial post in which you address the points noted in the prompt for your chosen option

Option A: Supernumerary Genders

philosophy 5 questions

Explanations should explain the

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