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English homework help

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In this analysis, your goal is to explain how the concepts of identification and social influence facilitate persuasion in the interpersonal context. In other words, how do the forces at work in interpersonal relationships influence the process of persuasion?


In 500 to 750 words, write an essay focused on explaining how identification and the social influence principles are related in the way they influence persuasive communication.


1 page essay

5 points: posting  your own discussion 

5 points: replying to the discussion of 1 other student in the class



1 page QAs

1. (2 point) What is critical thinking, and how can it be applied to ethical issues involving cyber-technology?



I would like to do "project space about universal studios..."

I need 2 pages description about universal studios in California a deeply describe from out side how is it all the time crowded and there is long line under the hot sun and what have inside . Also, describe for example the fast of the restaurant , the smell of the funnel cake ,the stores, the actress , the feeling of people try to describe not only the good things even the not good.

Also I need to attach when I visited this place For example, $ monthes ago


More over try to cover these questions 


I will attached the details for the......

I will attached the details for the essay i will attach the EXAMPLE for the essay and the homework.

Here is the assignment "This paper ......

Here is the assignment "This paper is an in-depth examination of a planning issue of interest to you. Students can explore planning from a community, regional, or issues perspective such as transportation, environmental etc. However, remember to keep the focus on the field of planning with a critique of how, where, when and what." It is a planning class so the paper has to surround planning. Greenway planning is my topic.

paper for linguistic

Present your analysis of the Linguistic Puzzle 'They hissed, banged, and faded' here. Start by introducing relevant data and pointing out the different realizations of the past tense morpheme. Then draw the reader's attention to the pattern and propose an analysis that accounts for the data. Finish by demonstrating that your analysis makes the correct predictions for some other relevant examples.

Make field work report

I have anerativ and i want  to make a fild report about it in two pags

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