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English homework help

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Writing 4-5pages long MLA style..

compare contrast essay(4-5 pages long) Topic: Women rights in US and Tunisia. Including weddings' differences (not the main subject). It has to be MLA format with citations.

I need a letter

Write a letter to the Deans of Academics of my college (Mr. Elio Acosta) about something that needs to be changed on campus; it could be parking issues,  tuition, schedules, fees, and so on. In the letter,  explain what the problem is,  why it needs to be fixed, and offer a solution. Keeping your audience in mind, you will want to maintain a formal tone and provide solid evidence. The evidence might include the effects of the problem, anecdotes of fellow student's experiences, and/or examples from other colleges that have had the same problem. 


I need a five paragraph essay of about 500 words

The essay is about fear, phobia to something ( personal experience ), please put title,  and do not plagiarism, thanks

Case Study Analysis Paper/Case Study for Student Analysis

Hello! I have a paper that is due on Monday August 18, 2014 at 12:00pm. I am looking for someone who can understand what I need done and to check all work form Plagiarism, Plagiarism!!!!!. The last person Writemaster, cause me to get an F on my paper due to Plagiarism. Almost got me suspense from school. I am looking for some one who is competent and know how to follow instruction well.

research paper 1st draft

The assignment:

In approximately 4-6 pages, please address the following prompt:


I need an English tutor who can produce good results, $100 to complete 2 weeks

I need a tutor who can do online English  courses without me having to check in, I have to work most of the time, so I don't have time to keep checking in.  I need a reliable tutor..

English assignment

Deliverable Length 3-5 Paragraphs


Discussion Question

Assignment 1: Discussion—Evaluating Sources (Scholarly versus Popular)

When creating research papers, the quality of the sources you use is critical to the success of your investigation of the subject. Therefore, it is important to be able to effectively evaluate the appropriateness of the information you are collecting.

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