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English homework help

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500 word essay

Your classroom will be made up of diverse children. Research what varying cultures are represented in your community and the school/district resources that are available to support families. Also, include additional resources that may not be directly provided by the school or school district.


article summary

read artile and then summarise 

Action Research 4.1

Complete Action Research Activity 4.1 (Textbook Analysis) on page 128 of your Turning on Learning text. Using a grade 4-12 history or social studies text complete both a picture analysis and a People to Study analysis. List the name and subject of the text, as well as the grade level. Display your results and comment on your insights.

principles of managing organizations

4 pages essay about what we covered in the class impact them to your life. You are gonna write like are you responsible ? What is your ethics ? etc. 

essay - correction

this HW is someone did a week ago  his nicname is  Ryamfix  did it and I gor a lot of mistake in it I need some one to fix and send back to me ASAP like within 3 hours>> everything is in the paper 




ECE 313 Week 5 final project

Director's Presentation

The Final Project will illustrate how family-centered programs, theories, and concepts support th

please help

Complete Action Research Activity 5.1 on pages 184-187 of your Turning on Learning text. Complete all three sections of the How Culturally Literate are You? self-evaluation. Score your responses and include the score in your action research report. What awareness did this exercise help you develop? What action, if any, do you think you should take? Create your Action Research in MS Word.

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