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English homework help

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research (wind Power)

easy research that sounds as foreign  student and easy words.


intro. (200 word)

body one: shows that how it works.(200-300 words)

second: shows that it is renewable energy.(200-300 words)

third: shows that it is clean energy.(200-300 words)

fourth: shows  the cost 


conclusion (200 word)


abstract (200 word)


sources: newyork times, google scholar, ebsco host ( total 6 sources)

5 pages for professor Ryan

 5 pages essay comparing and contrasting the buildings be sure to reference the argument you have encountered in the readings.

read a given paragraph and answer the Questions

I am uploading a paragraph and I  need the questions to be answered 



Discussions Question 1 & 2

Brand new response.  250 word count… Perfect grammar

With constant changes in technology students have the option to choose traditional or online classes. Compare and contrast conventional vs. virtual learning.

Compare/Contrast Essay 

1. In constructing your essay, list at least 3 points for each side.


2. Make sure to choose a side prior to constructing your thesis statement.

3. Use APA format with at least 3 credible sources using in-text citations and a reference list.


Progression About Chicano communtiy.


Explain why feel your chosen topic (strerotype about chicano) is important to/for the chicano communtiy. you may want to include a personal connection. Also, explain what you plan to discuss in your and why you feel those points are important. finally, what do you intend to resolve about this matter?


Use 2 sources, any source about chicano communtiy

1 and half page


#You must use 5 vocabulary words from this list: 



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