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wk 2 assignment EDU650

Ashford 3: - Week 2 - Assignment

Instructional Plan Design Analysis

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Research Paper Draft 2 (Unit VI Assignment) Instructions (DUE TUE 28 OCT 2014):

an essay for A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen-Dover therift editions

I need an analysis essay for A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen Dover therift editions.

topics can be choose anyone from the following:

1:Nora's inner journey

2: reality vs illusion

3:take a symbol and explain how it functions in the play

4. gender roles

5. the title of the play as a symbol


Use simplest word and easy understanding sentences please.  Quotes, examples are needed.

Do not need to write anything regarding to the "author", just focus on the "play"-A Doll's house. And, No plagiarism.

6 pages

6 pages movie analysis

requirement is in the pdf( tow movies can be found on the internet)
must follow the requirement 
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