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English homework help

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Final - Project

I need someone to help me with my final project  (that is uploaded)for Comminications Class. I have this done and need help fixing it. This needs to be a formal proposal on cutting spending at Annex College. I need text citations and good sentece structure and of course grammer. 

I dont now if it would be better to start from scratch or fix this one. 

Here is what it needs to have: 

Essay for Stanford Writer

1500 words

Due by: 31st Jan 6am EST

Topic sent in message

i need all this by friday the 6th of feb

paper 1


Southwest Airlines is known for its unique culture within the airline industry. Review the attache paper labed out  on the corporate culture. From what you read, describe three of the main approaches that set Southwest Airlines apart from other business cultures. How can other businesses utilize this information? What challenges might other businesses face when trying to adopt these approaches to culture? How can these challenges be overcome?


The Uses of Cultural Theory

1-In the opening paragraph student are to introduce the readings in full citing the author's name and year of publication. 2-No list of references. 3- You may summarize the main points of the reading. 4-Should be summarized starting with a separate paragraph. 5-Should also add a concluding paragraph.


Directions: For your first essay, you will write a paper using the compare and contrast

    Essay should be 2-3 pages in length (excluding the title page)


Topic Online classes versus traditional classes



for a good essay writer


setting up outline

i have an outline topic is: windmills tecnology. so i want one read the article linke i will attached to write what required from him, also in the attached files there is some format and what they need in the outline. long 2 page to 3, and i need one common with the (IEEE) FORMAT. DUE DATE 12HOURS FROM NOW.

letter on how you have been emotionally hijacked


Type a one-page letter on how you have been emotionally hijacked or how you handled yourself in front of someone else who was emotionally hijacked.  

you can write anything  please use easy word.

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