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English homework help

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5 pages essay

5 pages essay comparing and contrasting the buildings be sure to reference the argument you have encountered in the readings.

Business managements

Due October 21 At 9:00 am 

1 page Article in chipotles management on motivation, please relate to chapter i'll include an attachment via email,

for the artcile please provide source citation.





1-Discuss the moral characters of Don Draper and Pete Campbell, or the moral characters of Peggy Oslon and Betty Draper. Consider their actions, motives, and the consequences of their actions.


you need to watch anne frank movie and please use the papers that I uploaded in the post. you need to write 4 pages summary with papers and movie.

ANalysis paper about print advertsing

3 pages, double spacing.

Talking about print advertesing from color, layout, deep meaning amd any other elas.

 This is an example about a video, change video to print ad.

Gender Equality in Schools (ages 5-12)

I have a research paper due. It is about Gender equality in schools. It is the second part of the assignment. 

This paper should include; Demographics, Observation/Qualitative Data, Data collection. 


Minimum of 5 pages (Add charts/tables) 


All material required for this assignment is attached. 

As well as a sample if needed. 

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