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English homework help

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Persuasive Speech essay and outline

Persuasive Speech about :


Media Violence:

1- Movie: Pain and Gain 

2- TV Show: Breaking Bad


the essay should be 4 pages with 5 sources


and and an outline similar to the uploaded file.

I need my essay complete!!!!

I need an essay on the short story "The Lady or The Tiger".  willing to pay!!!!


easy question

 Explain the usage of case studies in research design, including relative to your research proposal topic?



I need it to be answer the question in one page length. it should be for two papers for me and my classmate. it could be the same think but it should be diffrent writing. 

cause/effect essay


the essay must include two scholary outside sources (not one and not three) and a work cited page.

In MLA format

the Topic is : " the effects of sports involvement on young children "


600-800 Words.

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