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English homework help

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1. Choose a real company from an automobile (car) industry which is involved in international business.

1. Choose a real company from an automobile (car) industry which is involved in international business.

2. Identify an entry mode that has been used by the selected company when expanding its car business to a foreign market location. The identified case should be from 1990 and onward.

3. Answer all of the following questions:



The writer assignment

Segregation Still Exists in Schools Today, But Where?

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


An annotated bibliography is a research tool that will help you to keep track of the sources you encounter while working on larger research projects. Generally, an annotated bibliography reflects an exhaustive search of a topic; for this class, we will treat this assignment as an introduction to the tool rather than to expect a complete bibliography.

This tool is related directly to a References page, except here, we follow each of your five citations with a brief (100 words or less) explanation of:

English 3 - Essay

Keep in mind this assignment is for a high school student. Conduct an essay of only 5 paragraphs using the following prompt:


As a teenager, there are a number of things you wish you could do. However, there are rules and/or guidelines in place that prevent those things. If you could do any 3 things without worrying about breaking rules, you would......

Do anyone know about a successfulfund

Assignment 2: Successfully Funding Your Business Venture

Due Week 8 and worth 280 points

For Assignment 1, you imagined that you were going to start a company that offered an innovative product or service. In Assignment 1 you also determined the business structure you would use for that venture. For this assignment, you can use that same idea and structure or imagine different ones. Use the Internet and the Strayer Online Library to locate any additional information needed to complete this assignment.

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

Analize an artical $10 please read all befoire saying you will do it at my price

One of the most important moves academic writers can master is the art of analysis. This assignment will help you to develop the skills necessary to determine the meaning found within a text.


To be clear, the intent of this essay is not to argue for or against the content; instead, we are analyzing what the article does in terms of the following:


  1. purpose,
  2. approach, and
  3. effectiveness.




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