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Economics homework help

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hw micro and macro economy

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make sure on the time 

 please give the names and every thing in detail with titles where it relates to !!!!!!


Make a serouse work i put another resources so you can follow them read them so answers probally in their...




Question 1. We have now moved from the planning stage to the doing part of project management. Following good project management practices, we have set a baseline. How is a project baseline used to guide the execution of the project's work, to evaluate progress and performance, and to control the project? Also, as you continue to think about monitoring and controlling the project, specifically consider the question: How can the project baseline and the earned value approach for variance analysis be used to monitor and report project progress?

Only for creative writer


Part I :



Discuss how and why the U.S.'s deficit, surplus and debt have an effect on the following:

  • Tax payers
  • Future Social Security and Medicare users

Write a 500- to 700-word paper that details your team's findings.


Mathematical Economics

looking for  teachers who can complete my homework with representing all steps of answers (4questions )


Management Planning Presentation

Imagine you are an executive for BP, JP Morgan or, GoldMan Sacs, and you are preparing a presentation for the board of directors about the organization's direction.


Engineering Economics

Engineering Economics


nternational Finance Introduction of Wal-Mart

International Finance Introduction of Wal-Mart:


Communication and the Global World DB

Deliverable Length: 400–600 words  

Providing language and cultural training for employees is big business. If you were going to develop a training program on how language affects intercultural business communications, what would your lesson plan look like? When answering the following questions remember to consider the countries that your franchise will be moving to: United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico, and China.

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