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I. Major Facts

  - Pacific Healthcare is the largest health care provider in Santa Monica.  

  - The health care system consists of three hospitals, two nursing homes and ten outpatients    


  - The corporate director of the health care system is Barney Rubble who is in charge of    

    procuring supplies for Pacific Healthcare subsidiaries.

Engineering Economic Analyses

Exam in engineering ecnomics has 8 questions includes 6 chapters.

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The purpose in conducting program evaluations is to demonstrate benefits offered by programs. Program evaluations consist of either summative or formative types. Whereas summative evaluations assess a program's operations and usefulness, formative evaluations explain the ways in which a program operates to improve the way in which it functions. In this assignment, you will write a paper in which you discuss the summative and formative types of evaluation and their appropriate applications to organizations.

General Requirements:


 Regardless of the option selected, your final deliverable is based on your opinion about the topic and must provide evidence to support your opinion. Option 1: Newspaper Article Develop a 700- to 1050-word

newspaper article based on the topic you selected in your Week Two individual assignment. Follow the outline created in Week Two and incorporate any changes suggested by the facilitator. Address the following topics in your newspaper article: • Express your

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1. The goals of coordinating manufacturing processes, reducing the amount of inventory, and improving overall productivity is particularly important in a: (Points : 2)

Standard cost system.

Just-in-time system.

Normal costing system.

Activity based costing system.

Total quality management system.

Question 2. 2. During the sales life cycle, which is an example of what happens during the introduction phase? (Points : 2)

Sales and price decline, as do the number of competitors.

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 Case Reading:

Indy Car: Seeking a Return to Motorsports Fastlane


1. In some ways, the internal split that formed the Indy Racing League was a type of forced market segmentation. Given that, from a segmentation perspective, why was the split unsuccessful?

2. With respect to market segmentation, how does the typical IndyCar fan differ from other motorsports fans? Does this difference have any effect on IndyCar’s success?

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What is the difference between immoral and unethical?



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