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Economics homework help

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Chapter 7 Summary - The Wordly Philosopher's by Robert Heilbroner

Part 1: Chapter 7 Summary (First  7 pages of chapter (to break in page) plus end of chapter discussion of Alfred Marshall, should be 100-250 words


Chapter 5 Summary - The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner



This request is in two parts: summary and special question.

Part 1: chapter 5 summary with only the section on John Stuart Mill, this summary should be 100-250 words

Chapter 4 Summary - The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Louis Heilbroner


This request is broken into two parts in which the summary and special question should be on one page in length:

Part 1: Chapter 4 summary - needs to consist of 250-500 word count

Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standards

Using the 8 elements of reasoning that were outlined in week 2 (Purpose, problem, information, concepts, assumptions, inferences, points of view, implications or consequences) choose a news article and break it down according to those elements.

You will also describe how each of the 8 intellectual standards (clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness) were used or not used in the article, supported by an example.

The conclusion of your paper will then need to describe how you feel the article is biased.

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