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Comp sci project


In this project you will implement a server for the Purdue Safe Walk Program. The server you are going to write will handle requests and commands sent from the user.

Introduction to Programming and Logic

Deliverable Length:1 IPO Model, 3 Versions of Pseudoc

B.E.A.T as program selected for breast cancer

Begin by identifying an impact or outcome evaluation question about the program.

Logic Model

The logic model this week should be tied to your overall evaluation project and focused on the organization you are using for the project (PTSD on the Returning Soldiers from War) This is the next step in the process. The evaluation summary and model should be utilizing the evaluation methods you've identified for your project

creating web site




As part of this project, your website will include graphics and links to related information. Information on your


web site must be carefully proofread, spell checked and verified for information accuracy. In addition, your site



Java Lyrics Counter from file

•Select the lyrics of your favorite song within a text file. Then write a program to determine the top most frequent word in the song. Do not include in your list words any "stop" words. Here is where you can find a list of common stop words for English: Your songs can be in any language, just make sure to eliminate the list of stop words for the language of the songs.

Dynamic Data Structures

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain some experience using dynamic data struc
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