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Computer Science homework help

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C++ arithmetic Program

Write a function that accepts an integer parameter and returns its integer square root. The function should throw an exception if it is passed an integer that is not a perfect square. Demonstrate the function with a suitable driver program

C # Bank Register Application

you will create a banking account register.


The register will include AccountName, Account Number, and Account Balance, and it will allow a user to enter deposit or withdrawal

information. Throughout the chapters, you were given all of the tools necessary to complete this task.


1. The initial graphical user interface should contain a label that contains your name and MEID#,

C# Array Application

Write an application that uses a one dimensional array: the user enters 5 numbers, each of which is between 10 and 100. As each number in input, display it only if it is not a duplicate of previous numbers entered. Use the array to store the unique values so you can determine if the entered number is a duplicate. After 5 unique numbers have been entered, display the unique values from the array.

Data Flow Diagram

Read the following requirements carefully and draw the Data Flow Diagrams Level 0 and Level 1 using Microsoft Visio.

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Linux Signal Catcher

You will develop single program that catches signals. When the program catches the

signals, it writes particular information onto stdout.


Access Query Assignment

19. Write a query to display the products that have a price greater than $ 50.

 20. Write a query to display the current salary for each employee in department 300. Assume that only current employees are kept in the system, and therefore the most current salary for each employee is the entry in the salary history with a NULL end date. Sort the output in descending order by salary amount.

Java Program

This assignment will give you practice with interactive programs, if/else statements and methods that return values.  Your program will prompt the user for information about two applicants and compute an overall score for each applicant.  This is a simplified version of a program that might be used for admissions purposes.

C Infix to Prefix Program

Write a program that reads an infix or postfix expression from an input file, evaluates the expression and outputs the result.

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