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Computer Science homework help

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Can you create Oracle database tables using SQL Data Definition Language (DDL)

Project 2 -- SQL Database

Instructions   In this project you will perform the physical design and implementation using SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) and proceed with populating the Mom and Pop Johnson Video Store database via Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL commands.

c# Assignment

4. The board game Risk requires the throw of dice to simulate battles. Write a C# Risk battle roller simulation. The rules are as follows. • You, the attacker, will roll 1, 2 or 3 red dice: You must have at least one more army in your territory than the number of dice you roll.  The defender will roll either 1 or 2 white dice: To roll 2 dice, he or she must have at least 2 armies on the territory under attack. To decide a battle compare the highest die each of you rolled. If yours (the


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