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Managing switch operations requires a deep knowledge of the spanning tree protocol. Review LabSim modules 7.4, 7.5, and 7.9, which are related to the basic understanding, use, and troubleshooting of the spanning tree protocol. Then, as the subject matter expert on the spanning tree protocol, complete the following simulations:


  • Define congestion.
  • What are common causes of congestion (runts, giants, dropped packets, late collisions, input/output errors, etc.)?
  • What techniques can a network administrator deploy to resolve these issues?


In this assignment, you are to write a paper (3–4 pages) on the how the Shannon-Hartley theorem impacts the bandwidth channel's capacity. It is important for you to include in your paper how the Nyquist rate and Gaussian noise impact the capacity rate for bandwidth. You might want to also compare the Shannon-Hartley theorem capacity to that of Hartley's law.

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In your own words, discuss the following:

  • Describe the bandwidth characteristics of at least 3 different types of physical communication media.
  • How close are these different media to the theoretical maximums of bandwidth transmission rates?
  • What are bandwidth efficiency and bandwidth omission?
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