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Computer Science homework help

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20 hours

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It's a Stupid Stats Computer Programing problem

I have no idea how to program this piece of crap.  I can do the damn math calculations, but I HAVE to simulate this using a computer.  I have no programming experience and the teacher didn't teach us how to use a damn math calculation program.  NOT EVEN ONCE.  

Use at least 10000 simulations to answer the following questions. 



1. Suppose Xi for i=1, 2, 3... has Uniform (0,1) distribution.



Critical Assessment of a porfolio


  Create and post for discussion at least three pieces of work that you intend to include in your portfolio (at least two of those pieces must be your work product).  For each of the pieces you have selected, answer the questions.


  • Do you know your objective, the goal or purpose? Why the piece is relevant?


JAVA (Armyvehicles PROGRAM)

JAVA Programming

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You are to develop a system that tracks military vehicles for a

National Guard UTES.  The UTES maintains two types of vehicles,

tracked and wheeled.  Wheeled vehicles are the Stryker and the Humvee.

Tracked vehicles are the M1Abrams and the M2Bradley.

The M1Abrams uses jet fuel and has a crew of 4.   Its BII (Basic Issue

Item) list includes a 1st Aid kit, 500 rounds of 50 cal. and 30

Critical thinking


     several free email services are availble online. the website located at http://email.about.comod/freee-mailreviews/tp/free_e-mail.htm provides an overview of the top 16 free email services. Access this site and answer the following:  (1) How many service are listed? (2) Assume you are looking for a fre email service. Answer the following questions: 

Which service would you select and why

Which service would be your second choice and why?

Which services use the Google approach to email?

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