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python and django exams

Am in need of an individual to do for me python exam on odesk and Django. You must pass the exams to warrant a payment.

Website Design HTML Urgent


. I have a homerwork which is urgent I need it in 9 hours. It's all about Website design which I am taking as in class. It is going to be web site. 3 web pages, 2 font styles, 2 font sizes, 2 colors minimum.

A list (ordered or unordered)

Link(s) on each page 

Graphic jpg, gif, animated 

Table ( any size )

E=mail adress or other contact information 

Date of Last update (date)

A Form 

A flash objeccts to integrate. Flash into  site somehow.

A photo file 

An audio file  or video file

Page 369


Critical Infrastructure Case Study


Lab 5

Please use these 2 PDF Report's to complete your lab assignment.

Nessus Report: 

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