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Computer Science homework help

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Assignment 2: Telecommuting and the Mobile Worker

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Functional architecture for network

The functional role of network monitoring by various areas in this week. You are also familiar with the pieces of information that are gathered and collected for the purpose of providing information on the network activity.


  • Illustrate the functional architecture for network monitoring configuration.


Your illustration should include the following:


computer report (index and introduction)

I have a report to do. I need someone to do index and  an introduction for that report. I have  attached the whole requirement for the report, but you just need to do index and introduction, and here what the index and the introduction should have:


the index should include this:



Write a C program that calculates and prints the average of several grades entered by the user. The program should first prompt the user to enter the number of grades to process (at least 2 grades must be entered by user!) . It should then prompt the user for each grade. As each grade is entered, the program should ensure that the grades entered are in the grade range of zero to 100. If the grade is not in that range, an error message should be displayed (as shown below), and the user should be re-prompted for a grade.

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