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Computer Science homework help

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1 page

write a one page paper in APA format on the input and output devices of a computer. 


describe how a RJ45 works in 4-5 sentences

5 sentences

write 5 sentences describing how a monitor works

Programming in C# console application

Major Assignment


This assignment will provide practice and experience in:

Psuedocode and Flowcharts assignment

Need assistance for Phase 2 through Phase 5 of the second attachment "it106_assignments.docx"


Phase one has already been completed by me, this is the first attachment "it106_assignmemntsphase1ip.docx"



CIS106 Need 2 DONE ASAP!!!

Assignment 4: The Human-Computer Interface

Due Week 9 and worth 110 points

As a software engineer, you have been asked to write a paper that describes the use of current technologies with regard to the human-computer interface.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

Planning the Installation

Installing Linux on somebody else's machine or in a location that is not your own workplace calls for a lot of planning. You must first analyze various aspects of the environment and plan your installation accordingly or you will find yourself fumbling in the middle of a Linux installation process because some vital information is not known to you.

File Sharing on a Local Network

  • Analyze the use of file sharing on a local network and how sharing files increases the ease of administration through centralized file storage and file replication across servers. Give examples of situations where file sharing is most helpful.
  • Describe the concept of network file system (NFS) and list the five major reasons NFS is used.
  • How does Linux make file sharing safe and reliable?

Submission Requirements:

Computer Science Help

These are discussion questions. Requires enough information to accurately answer the question. Due in 3 hours..


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