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Computer Science homework help

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Role-based Security

What is Access Control? What is SSO and what are some of parts and types of Access Control?

Rubric for this topic assignment

a.    Topic coverage 300 minimum words

b.    Reflection/application from personal experience

c.    Correct APA Citations including citing the textbook

d.    Writing Standards

pc Hardware2

1. High-level formatting in Windows XP, Vista, and 7 uses which tool or utility?

A. Disk Management

B. Norton Formatter

C. Format Wizard

D. Track Delineator

2. You've just added an external FireWire hard drive to your PC. What should you configure this drive as?

A. Master

B. The drive configures itself.

C. Device = 15 (0)

D. IRQ = 14

3. The purpose of RAID arrangements is to

A. reduce the seek time of the slowest disk.

B. optimize the use of the operating system.

C. utilize less expensive hardware.

Capstone - Learning Management System

Need a capstone project about a learning mangement system.  Must be APA format with cited resources.  MUST BE COMPLETED ON TIME.

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IT WORK the basic

6. Looking up a word in a dictionary can be a complicated process. For example, assume you want to look up “logic.” You might open the dictionary to a random page and see “juice.” You know this word comes alphabetically before “logic,” so you flip forward and see “lamb.” That is still not far enough, so you flip forward and see “monkey.” You have gone too far, so you flip back, and so on. Draw a structured flowchart or write pseudocode that describes the process of looking up a word in a dictionary.

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