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Computer Science homework help

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ARENA programming

i need someone to help me with ARENA programming

can you do my it lab homework? it is computer science

I am taking comp 100 it's word, excel, powerpoint, and access. i have grader projects that i have to do

Final Project 5

In the distributed library application, the server multicasts a specific book request to all the available clients. It, then, collates the results to send the list of peers serving the requested book along with their port numbers. This is required for implementing the LIST and SEARCH features in the distributed library application. You can refer to the CPAN website for help.


network topology

Present real-world examples that describe the significance of designing modular, redundant, and secure network architectures. Defend your answer from a technical perspective.


Contrast the various types of servers or services that can be placed at the access, distribution, and core layers.

Need Bioinformatics - JAVA Programmer

If you can finish my Bioinformatics JAVA programming homework (6 Questions). Need it to be finished by 4:00PM Saturday (10/25/14). Let me know! One example HW question is below:


creating documents in publisher

U need to have microsoft publisher to do this assignment ...contact me asap

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