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Q1: As a computing agent, in what ways is a Turing machine different from a human being? Are any features Turing machines lack important for understanding what humans can express or compute algorithmically?


Systems Analysis and Design

PROJECT RAR Is what has been done


The milestone is what it is


The 2 excel sheets are seperate work



computer network homework 5

Answer these questions. Some questions just need short answers. Other questions need 1 or 2 paragraphs.



 Read each problem carefully. Failure to follow the instructions for a problem will result in a zero score for that problem.


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1. A(n) ____ statement indicates the end of the catch block in the pseudo code.

A) final catch

B) finally

C) end catch

D) stop


2. Libraries are collections of classes that serve related purposes.

A) True

B) False


IT or CS expert

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DNS Name Resolution


 Describe DNS name resolution process a windows client takes. Why is it necessary to know the steps?

DNS Zones


What considerations should be made when designing a DNS namespace for a large enterprise? What are the different types of DNS zones?




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