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Computer Science homework help

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Library research 2

You are the senior network architect for a large corporation. The company has offices in L.A., New York, and Miami. The company has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last year, and as a result, management has decided to hire temporary workers to fulfill the customer service duties. You must ensure that a logical design is in place that relegates access to other areas of the network and improves performance. You planned on using VLANs and firewalls to accomplish this deployment requirement.


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For SolutionsPro

Hello SolutionsPro here is Week 5 COMP 102 assignments. Thank you.

Part I Week 5 DB assignment:

For this Discussion Board, visit the Excel Web site found here and consider the following:


My topic is about: - Describe How computer work- Implement a troubleshooting methodology- Describe a technician's toolkit. the attachment is the professor example

I have to speak at least 15 mins. 21 to 24 slides. due in 9 hours from now

Enterprise Networking

Proff.VenaWells is the one who is doing this work, so no need ask for do it...thanks anyways
You are the network engineer contracted to established a WAN connectivity between two office locations for a local corporation. The main corporate headquarters has 2,000 end stations and all server data.

Wireless and Mobile Computing

Proff.VenaWells is the one who is doing this work, so no need ask for do it...thanks anyways

Select a particular standard of interest to research. The 802.x ones tend to be documented the best.

Complete the following for your individual project:

Discuss which techniques are used in this standard that fit into the topics described.

-How is channel coding done?

-How is modulation handled? Why was this chosen?

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