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Computer Science homework help

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Java (NetBeans 8.0.2)

One of the most useful features of any programming language is recursion and control structures, decisions and loops. Recursion and loop structures allow programs to repeat actions without duplicating code.


This console application focuses on your understanding of object oriented programming, control structures, and arrays.


Create an application that manipulates a billboard sign. Use the following guidelines:


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Assignment 3: Waterfall versus Agile

Research agile methodologies including SCRUM and extreme programming (XP). 

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

info assignment proposal

only proposal, not paper, 1-3 paragraphs



info discussion (200-300 words)

These discussion questions cover Week 3 - Week 4.


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System Analysis Written Assignment

2 pages only. Be precise and to the point.  Deadline for work is 5 hours.

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