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respond to both in 250 words. apa style


Writing C program(s) Using conditional control statements

Complete programming exercise #8 listed on page 297, Chapter 7 of your textbooK. Use of C compiler and submission of compiled version of your C program is required to receive credits.


Can you help me create a cost analysis, and develop a proposal for a company?

I need help creating a cost analysis for Network Consultation Proposal  in a word document which need to be completed by Sept 8 ,2015 bfore 11:59.  Please read the instructions carefully for section1!  Only section 1: Network Consultation Proposal need to be completed for next week.  This Proposal need to include the cost for everything.  My instructor told me that we need to actually do some research so we will know the exact cost.



this is first question.

Consider this assignment and post your opinion on ONE of the following questions.

There are various types of topologies. The primary topologies include star, bus, and ring. Variations of these also include mesh and hybrid (combination of two).

computer Science #2

Comment on the following statement: In spite of the increasing sophistication of attackers, most current attacks are either a resurgence of, or a variation on, earlier attack methods. Support your answers with information and examples from your text and your experiences.


- one page length

- APA style and without similarity

For mwasking only

1. Assume that your system has one queue for jobs waiting for printing and another queue for those waiting for access to as disk. Which queue would you expect to have the faster response? Explain your reasoning.

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