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ISY105 Homework

PART I: Short Response Questions



SQL Query HW -

 The objective of this activity is to hone your skills at manipulating data using SQL DML statements. Use Query Editor throughout this exercise.

PHP Test

I need to get a 100 on this test, it's a php test, 2 hours


 7pm- 12am eastern time




Article critique

Read the article by Wagner titled “Top 10 Disappearing Futures” located in the ABI/Inform database of the CSU Online Library. Choose one of the disappearing futures and write a paper at least two pages in length discussing it. Discuss the importance of the future you chose and how it relates to technology trends. Find at least one additional article in the CSU Online Library related to your disappearing future.





Can you do this assignment for me please! The due date is tomorrow after like 24 hrs from now. So, you have time to do it.


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