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Computer Science homework help

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Java Homework 1

Design your own Java class that includes at least:

  • three (3) data fields
  • two (2) constructors
  • four (4) methods

When designing your class, pick an object that you are familiar with and make it your own -- realistic, yet simple design with reasonable data fields and methods. Include a description of what your class is intended to represent, and how it should work.

Draw the UML class diagram using PowerPoint (PPT) or any other graphical editing tool, then implement the code in Java. Be sure your code compiles and runs as expected.


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Explain the project performance in terms of efficiency, budget and schedule. What should the project manager do for the project? [4 points]


CIS 534 Week 7 Discussion 1 and 2


"How Is Your Firewall Implementation?" Please respond to the following:

MUST be Written in JAVA with Netbeans- Develop a console program that simulates a section of a restaurant menu

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visual basic 2010 question



CSC139 Chapter 9 Lab Assignments (1)






Classes and Objects










In this lab assignment, students will learn:




- How to design and define class




- How to create object




computer science

https://www.cygwin.com/ << is the program that has to be downloaded in order to complete.


reflective paper

select an article relevant to current social engineering threats. Topics could include, but are not limited to, phishing, quid pro quo, or diversion theft. Research and examine current information security systems designed to address social engineering security threats. Discuss the vulnerabilities of these systems and, also, if they are capable of protecting businesses.

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