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Computer Science homework help

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Computer Systems Technology 7.5 Week Online Class

  I need someone to complete my Computer Systems Technology class and get atleast a B Final Grade. The entire course is delivered online and is 7.5 weeks long. The course starts this Thursday August 21st and ends Friday October 10th. I have the online version of the textbook, so you will be able to easily access it whenever you need to. The couse consists of 2 Major Assignments, 1 Project, 3 Quizzes, 1 Mid-Term Exam, 1 Comprehensive Final Exam, and 4 small Discussion Board Posts.


Prepare a 3- or 4-page paper for this assignment.

Uses of Secret Key Cryptology

Alice, Bob, and Carol want to use secret key cryptography to authenticate each other. Compare the security of having a single shared secret that they all share, with the security of having each of them use their own secret (Alice authenticates to either Bob or Carol by proving knowledge of KA, Bob with KB, and Carol with KC).

Excel Functions

  • Describe three (3) instances when you would define your own functions in Excel.

RMON and etherStats TableWith using RMON, the statistics

The statistics are in the form of counters that start from zero when a valid entry is created. The statistics group provides useful information about the load on a sub-network and the overall health of the sub-network. Since various error conditions are counted, such as CRC alignment errors, collisions, and undersized and oversized packets.


 Based on your understanding of the topic, create a 4- to 5-page report in a Microsoft Word document, answering the following:


IT, Database Experts Only Indian or western country


I need assistance with my graduate class database, we use SQL softwars , visio softwars...etc


who be able to work with me chatting, if you not plz  no lose time

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