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Chemistry homework help

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I need to plot the observed emf in mV vs logarithm of ppm F to obtain a calibration curve. From a prepared stock solution of 100 mL and the KCl molarity is 0.1M for it. From dilution of this solution, a 20 ppm, 10ppm, 5ppm, 2.5ppm, and 1.25 ppm were made. Im not sure how to go about setting this up. 



Need 300 words per question by 10/16/14 5 pm Eastern time with 2 references per question.

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evidence based practice

Need 300 words per question with 2 references byt 10/16/14 5 pm Eastern time.



How does a nurse know what (if any) knowledge in a research study is useable for clinical practice? What would a critical thinker look for in the evidence before deciding to change? What influence do credibility and significance have on your decisions to integrate research-based evidence into your practice?


Chemistry lab report

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