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Chemistry homework help

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Haber–Bosch process

1. Imagine that you work at a company that prepares chemical solutions. You are asked to label a solution to sell to different customers. One customer is a hospital, another is a chemistry lab at a university, and a third is a physics lab at a university. You added 900 kg of NaCl in a 100-liter container and filled it with water to a volume of 100 liters.

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Chemistry Lab Homework

I am an undergrad student taking general chemistry lab and I am behind 4 lab discussions (2 page each) and the report sheet calculations.

Hi there,

Among the uploaded files, except for lab 2, all the others need discussion and report done. Lab 6 includes Malachite synthesis. 

Lab 2 only requires the calculations for the report sheet (all calculations must be shown in full details).

So basically lab 3,4,5,6 need calculations done, the report page, and discussion (each discussion is 2 page in length). 


CHEM Problem - Cell potential

A 20.00 mL aliquot of 0.120 M Cu+ solution is titrated with a 0.100 M solution of Ce4+ according to the following reaction:

CHEM - Molarity Problem Assignment

Molarity Problem Assignment (consult syllabus for due date)

Do not use Molarity Handout from web manual

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