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Chemistry homework help

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Ch 20 + 22 = PT + Q

Chemistry Homework

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CHEM discussion question

Make sure you read the instructions, if you cannot follow the instructions do not accept the assignment.  Also, if you cannot do ALL the assign work please do not accept this assignment. I expect ALL work to be completed. 

general chemistry Questions

1)What is the approximate radius of carbon-12


2)What is the approximate radius of a Fe-56 nucleus?

  (b) Approximately what is the value of A for a nucleus whose radius is 3.0 x 10-15m?


3)Calculate the binding energy per nucleon for a U-238 nucleus.


4) In the reaction 1H + 1n -> 2H + Y what is the energy of gamma(Y) rays emotted here?


5) Polonium-214 can decay by alpha decay.


 a) The product of its decay has how many fewer protons the polonium-214?


the homework questions are 1,2,6, and 7

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