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Chemistry Questions

A) What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a chemical equation with chemical symbols and formulas instead of just words?

B) On your own words summarize to another person the steps needed to successfully write a balanced chemical equation.

Fats, soaps and detergents- A saponification reaction

These questions are from an experiment: Fats, soaps and detergents- A saponification reaction

Radiocarbon Dating Lab 8: Radiocarbon Dating

 Background:  In this virtual laboratory activity, w

Chemical Exercises

Prepare written answers to the following exercises:

Chemical Questions

1) From the perspective of a chemist, explain what a crystal is. Choose two examples of crystals, and explain how they are chemically similar to and different from one another.

2) Explain the relationship between "vapor pressure" and the common phases "solid," "liquid," and "gas." 


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