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Chemistry homework help

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1.  Consider an aqueous solution that is saturated with nitrogen gas and sugar (glucose) at 80 °C. You may recall from lecture that as for most non-ionic solutes, Ks for glucose increases with increasing temperature.  For N2, as for most gases, KH decreases with increasing temperature.  Predict what happens when:

A.  More sugar is added to the solution at 80 °C.

B.  The solution at 80 °C is heated to 95 °C.

C.  The solution is cooled to room temperature.


1. Consider an amphoteric hydroxide, M(OH)2(s), where M is a generic metal.

M(OH)2(s)<-> M^2+(aq)+ 2OH-              Ksp=8x10^ -16

M(OH)2(s)+2OH- <->M(OH)4^2-             Kf =0.03

 Estimate the solubility of M(OH)2 in a solution buffered at pH =7.0


2. The pKb values for the dibasic base B are pKb1=2.10 and PKb2=7.79. Calculate the pH at each of the following points in the titration of 50 ml of a 0.65 M B with 0.65 M HCl

a) before addition of any HCl


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Chemistry Homework

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